Illithid Alternate Racial Traits

Leg day enthusiast: Base land speed increases to 40ft. Gain Detect Thoughts as an At-Will SLA with a CL equal to your HD. Replaces The Last Psions.   Though they lack the ability to levitate, these Psionically-challenged Illithids make up for their mental deficiency with powerful legs they use for walking - a concept foreign to most Illithid.
Psionic Assessment: By passing a perception check (DC 10 + 1/2 HD of the target) against a target as a full-round action, you can learn whether the target can cast arcane spells or psionic powers, and if so, their Caster Level. If you critically succeed this check, you become aware of the most powerful spell or power they have prepared. Replaces The Last Psions.   Valuable tutors prized quite highly in their society, these Illithid are used to assess the Psionic and Arcane potential of a target - mostly used to evaluate potential students and those they seek to evaluate for potential citizenship or use back in their homeland.
Psychic Ohrwurm: As a standard action that does not provoke AoO, you can focus on one creature within 30ft that you have line of sight to, and force it to make a Will Save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + INTMOD) or take 2d8 untyped damage, taking half as much damage each subsequent round for 4 rounds. Targets are shaken as long as the ohrwurm persists. A successful save means the damage is not reoccuring and halves the initial damage, and reduces the shaken duration to 1 round.. The target recieves a save each subsequent round to shake off the Ohrwurm and end its damage on subsequent rounds. This damage gains one dice for every 5HD you have. You cannot affect a creature already being affected by a Psychic Ohrwurm, and once they have saved out of it they cannot be affected by one for 1d4 rounds. Replaces Mind Blast.   While not a mind blast technique per se, this unique application of the teachings of the mind blast technique by these special, innovative illithids focuses on dealing more intense damage to a single target by forcing knowledge of the eldritch unknown into their brains through psychic power, which lingers in their minds for long afterwords.
Confusion Blast: Once every 1d6 rounds as a standard action, an Illithid can emit a 15ft cone or 30ft line(Their choice at time of use) that allows the Illithid to force all creatures who fail a Will Save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + INTMOD) to take a 5ft step +5ft for every 5HD, that does not provoke AoO - though the Illithid directs where the affected targets must move. Replaces Mind Blast.   Another unique application of the Mind Blast, this blast takes advantage of the initial burst of psychic overload that occurs whenever an illithid overloads a target's mind with a Mind Blast to take brief control of those affected and move them around at their whims - though with clever application, it can have a deceptive number of uses.
Living Engineer: Gain a racial +2 to all Knowledge(Engineering) and Handle Animal checks, and treat both as class skills. Replaces 4th Dimensional Masters.   Masters of the unique Illithid technology that incorporates massive sea and spacefaring creatures into their eldritch designs, these Illithid Engineers are masters of technology and animal both.
Colony Diplomat: Gain Bluff and Sense Motive as class skills, and gain a +2 to both. You may use INT instead of CHA for Bluff. Replaces 4th Dimensional Masters.   As those in charge of meeting and contacting those outside the collective and serving as the faces of their people, these Diplomats are well-trained in the act of deception and reading others, skills which serve them well in their assigned roles.
Nimble Cephalopod: Gain Acrobatics and Disable Device as class skills, and gain a +2 to both. Replaces 4th Dimensional Masters.   Thanks to their boneless physiology, many Illithids can learn how to take advantage of this unique quirk of their makeup and put it to good use for acrobatics and lockpicking and the like.
Psionic Mastermind: At the start of each day, you can select one other creature as your 'pawn'. You may add up the base speeds that both you and your pawn possess and use them freely between the two of you on your turns - this pool refreshes at the start of each round. At 10HD, you can select a second pawn as well. Replaces Mental Masters.   To many machinating Illithids, other creatures are naught but pawns - tools to manipulate and move as they see fit. Some take this belief to the extreme, and develop a way to utilize the weak psionic connection they can establish with others to compel both themselves and others to movement.
Mindthrow Specialist: You increase the range increment of all weapons thrown by you and all allied creatures within 10ft by 50%. Weapons that do not have a thrown range increment gain a 15ft increment. Ranged weapons fired by you or within this radius deal 1 point of bonus damage per die. Replaces Mental Masters.   With a force of psychic will so might and potent that it can manifest as physical power, these Illithids have learned to utilize their special psionic abilities to subconsciously give projectiles and thrown weapons more force behind them, speeding them along with a little psychic 'push'.
Aura Seer: You can read the auras of creatures around you as a standard action. This functions as the aura sight spell with a duration of 1 round. Replaces Psychometric Masters.   While not as skilled in the art of psychometry, many Illithids instead excel at reading the auras of others.
Starsmith: By performing an 8 hour ritual uninterrupted, you may take any weapon or armor that has an enchantment on it, and turn that enchantment into one of equal value. You may turn enchantments into like enchantments of the same level(Ex - +2 quality to +2 quality) or break them down into two seperate ones of seperate but equal value(Ex - +2 Weapon to +1 Keen). You cannot combine enchantments to get a higher level one. Replaces Psychometric Masters.   One will never find a true "Smith" in an Illithid Colony - such a task is typically relegated to other more muscular beings, either slaves or otherwise - but the art of enchantment and all its adjacent arts are ones that can be found quite commonly in Uncorrupted Illithid colonies. With the strange power of their minds, the most skilled Illithid sages, hard at work within their incredible "Star Forges" - ancient relics of their people designed to channel psionic power and serve as foci for enchantment - have devised a method to transform enchantments and break them down - to change and alter the very base nature of the enchantment itself, and reform it into a similar but wholly different effect.
Illitharian Inquisitor: You cannot be contacted by telepathy unless you will it. You are immune to mind-reading effects such as detect thoughts or others that read your mind. You cannot be detected by thoughtsense, lifesense, blindsense, or blindsight. Replaces Fury of the Uncorrupted.   A unique breed of Illithids exclusive to Uncorrupted Colonies, the Inquisitors are a breed apart from the rest of their hive - they exist outside the typical hivemind of the Illithids, bound exclusively to the Elder Brain alone to serve as a special agent of sorts - and this special connection engenders unique protections to render them invisible to their fellow illithids. They are loyal to none but the Elder Brain, and answer to no one - and they are tasked with the patrolling of the hive and the expulsion of corruption, heresy, and protecting the Elder Brain's order for the sake of fending off corruption. This unique connection also tends to create eccentric personalities - allowed mostly free reign of independence and creativity, they tend to develop eccentric and quirky behaviors and tend to be the most unique of all Illithids. All they do, they do to stave off the creeping damnation - no matter how despicable or vile...even if they must do that which would bring them more in line with their corrupted kin.
Illithid Purist: Gain hatred against humanoids of the human and elf subtype. Gain a +2 on saves vs mind-affecting effects, curses, and diseases. Replaces Fury of the Uncorrupted.   Carrying a degree of xenophobia more common among corrupted Illithid Colonies, these purist, highbrow Illithid believe heavily in the supremacy of their people - and the inferiority of others, to the point that the mere existence of these 'lesser races' offends them - they, these Illithids believe, are the ultimate source of the corruption that seeks to claim them. They have no proof, but believe it regardless - perhaps jealous of the lives their ancestors once had before their transformation.


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