The glass as hard as steel that steals the souls of those it slays

Mechanical Benefis

HP/Inch: As steel   Hardness: As steel   Special: This material is typically available only to Eldragi.   For Weapons: Weapons made of Hellglass are transparent things lit from within by a pale red light, as if the baleful light of the Nine Hells itself was looming from within. Weapons made of Hellglass count as evil-aligned for DR purposes, and those it reduces to 0HP or below do not simply fall unconscious or begin bleeding out, they are instantly slain and their souls are stored within the weapon(If they possess one). A Hellglass weapon can only hold a variable amount of souls at a time(1 soul for light weapons, 2 for non-light one handed weapons, and 3 for two-handed weapons), plus an additional soul for every +1 enhancement it has. A given soul within can be consumed as a swift action to either heal the wearer for 5 points per HD the soul possessed in life or heal 1 point of ability drain or damage to any stat of their choosing. Souls within and destroyed by a Hellglass weapon cannot be revived short of divine intervention. If the weapon is broken, all souls contained within are released and may be restored as normal.   For Armor: Hellglass armor is transparent and lit from within by bloody red light. Armor made from Hellglass grants the wearer a scaling amount of resistances to Fire, Acid, and bonuses on saves versus poison. Light armor gives Resist 5 to Fire and Acid and +2 on all saves made versus poison. Medium armor gives Resist 10 and +4 on saves versus poison. Heavy armor gives Resist 15 and +6 on saves versus poison. Additionally, Hellglass armor allows the wearer to resist hellfire with normal fire resistance and immunity for as long as it is worn.


For Weapons: 5,000 GP   Ammunition: 75gp per missile   Light Armor: 3,000GP   Medium Armor: 7,500 GP   Heavy Armor: 10,000 GP


Material Characteristics

Hellglass, for the most part, shares its characteristics with glass aside from its steely durability and glass-like moldability. It is transparent and smooth to the touch. For good reason it is called a "Wondermaterial" - it is as durable as iron but as moldable and pliable as glass at high temperatures, making it much easier to mold into armor and weapons.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Hellfire carries an innate warmth born from the fires of the Nine Hells, and the souls of those it has reaped - otherwise it shares its properties between Iron and Glass.


Hellglass is a compound made from normal glass with the addition of flecks of hellfire, flecks of borax, salt, and other secret ingredients that combine to form the supermaterial known as Hellglass - one of which is rumored to be the blood of an outsider or devilish creature.

Geology & Geography

Hellglass is not naturally found - it is created from normal glass and a mixture of other materials.

Origin & Source

Hellglass has no origin aside from the forges of the ancient Eldragi smiths - the gigantic forges of the Eldragi masters where this legendary material is made.

History & Usage


Hellglass has long been one of the secret weapons of the Eldragi - it has formed the basis of their clubs, swords, and armor for a long, long time and provided them both a perfect offense and unbreakable defense against thier enemies - to flatten their foes and kill them in an instant while providing them protection from the attacks of their enemies.


Hellglass was made and discovered by the first Eldragi completely on accident - one of the legendary Hellfire Eldragi stepped upon a resource shed during one of many raids on a smallfolk village - due to the extreme temperatures of her body, her footstep fused the sand, material in the resource shed, and a blood-coated nomad pulped by the footstep to create the legendary material known as Hellglass in an instant.

Everyday use

Hellglass often sees use in the armor and weaponry of the Eldragi people, but also in their architecture - Stained Hellglass Windows and decorations are commonplace in the more fanciful or ceremonial locations in an Eldragi village, such as churches, cathedrals, and the houses of chieftains.


The immense heat from the creation of Hellglass is a dangerous byproduct all its own - enough to make even the hardiest of Eldragi sweat buckets and fear for their lives with extended exposure - to say nothing of normal mortals, for whom such temperatures would boil the very marrow in their bones and melt the flesh in an instant.

Enviromental Impact

Hellglass has minimal environmental impact, though rumors hold that a seed of hellglass, properly planted and cared for, will slowly terraform the surrounding terrain into a hellish landscape given enough time.

Reusability & Recycling

Hellglass is surprisingly reusable - the dented armor of a fallen warrior can easily be melted down and turned into another weapon or armor, or even into a beautiful window.


Trade & Market

Hellglass is almost never sold by any aside from the towering Eldragi - few others can get their hands on it.


Once blown into proper shape, Hellglass needs no special medium for storage.


Extremely Rare.
Mostly Odorless. Some claim to get faint smells of charcoal and brimstone.
Transparent, Slightly Red
Melting / Freezing Point
Hellglass requires temperatures of around 2,000 Celcius to fully liquefy, at which point the other ingredients are added to transform normal glass into Hellglass.
As dense as iron, which is a surprise to many.
Common State
Related Species


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