Guīmogoa Racial Feats

Greater Vacuum Scales:   Prerequisites: Guīmogoa race, "Vacuum Scales" Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 7th   Effects: You do not lose the ability to breathe after you use Vacuum Scales, and the ability recharges in 1d4 + 1 rounds instead of hours. You can turn once during your burst instead of having to move in a straight line.   Improving their air retention, many Guīmogoa improve the quality of their Vacuum Scales and gain the ability to let out a secondary burst of air along the path of their movement to turn and adjust course while they move.
Vibrational Absorption:   Prerequisites: Guīmogoa race, 'Vibrational Sink' Alternate Racial trait, Character level 9th   Effects: You become immune to blindsight in addition the senses listed in Vibrational Sink. You can choose one of these senses at a time(Changeable as an immediate action) to bestow upon all allied creatures adjacent to you.   Developing additional glands in their thick tree-trunk like legs, these special Guīmogoa become veritable magnets for the special senses of other creatures, improving their own protection while also bestowing a shard of it to others nearby.
Greater Elemental Body:   Prerequisites: Guīmogoa race, 'Elemental Body' Alternate Racial trait, Character level 7th   Effects: You apply 1d8 points of damage of one of the types you are resistant to (Or 1d4 of both) to your attacks, chosen when you take this feat. When you use defensive curl, you can choose to leave behind a pool of one of the two elements you are resistant to(chosen when you take this feat) originating in the square that you entered the defensive curl in, that has a radius of 15 feet that deals 4d6 points of damage to any creature inside of it when it is created (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + CONMOD) Reflex save for half. Any creature ending its turn in the pool takes this damage as well but can make an identical reflex save for half. Each round, the total damage dice of the pool is halved until the result would be less than 1d6, at which point it vanishes. You cannot leave behind another pool until the pool that is already out has vanished.   Their bodies so infused with the elements, many Guīmogoa can weep and channel one of their aligned elements into their strikes and out of their bodies and onto the ground when they curl up.
Metallic Limbs:   Prerequisites: Guīmogoa race, Character level 5th   Effects: Choose one metallic special material. Your natural attacks count as this metal for overcoming DR.   Special: You can take this feat more than once, selecting a different metal each time.   With all the metal they eat, it is little surprise many Guīmogoa grow metallic coverings for their armored plates that let them cut or bludgeon their foes better.
Manawrought Plates:   Prerequisites: Guīmogoa race   Effects: You can, as an immediate action, divide your natural armor bonus between yourself and an allied creature within 20ft. You can reclaim your errant natural armor given to another creature as a swift action. The armor, once given, can last indefinitely or until recalled.   Born with the very essence of magic fused into their plates as well as what many speculate to be leftover technology in their bodies left by the Sapphire Elves, these rare Guīmogoa can detach their armored scales and send them floating over to another creature nearby, granting the benefit of their own durable bodies to another creature.
Tail Spine Launcher:   Prerequisites: Guīmogoa race   Effects: You can launch a thorny spike from your tail at any creature within 30ft as a ranged touch attack, dealing damage as a tail attack for a creature of your size (1d6 default). You gain a +10 on all survival checks to track creatures struck by this attack until 24 hours have passed or until a DC 15 heal check is made on them to eliminate the traces of the spike on their person. This counts as a natural attack.   Though many Guīmogoa have spiny tails with plenty of spikes and thorns, not all have the training and deftness to take advantage of them. With a bit of practice, though, Guīmogoa can learn to use their tails as vicious whips to launch spikes from their tails to impale distant foes.
Barbed Tail Spines:   Prerequisites: Guīmogoa race, 'Tail Spine Launcher' Racial Feat, Character level 7th   Effects: Those struck by your tail spine natural attack must pass a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + STRMOD) or take 1/2 HD(Max 10) points of bleed damage, taking half as much on a successful save. This natural attack now has a ranged increment of 30ft instead of a simple range of 30ft. You no longer provoke for using this ranged attack in melee.   With a lucky mutation and talent, Guīmogoa can mould their tail spikes into vicious barbed spines that cause deadly bleeding in those they strike.
Suddenly, a boulder:   Prerequisites: Guīmogoa race, Character level 3th   Effects: You can, as an immediate action, turn into a medium or large sized boulder(chosen when this ability is used) as per the Tree Shape spell, but with a big mass of rock instead of a tree. You can use this a number of times per day equal to your CONMOD + 3(Min 3).   Was that rock always there?
Lumbering Destroyer:   Prerequisites: Guīmogoa race, Character level 5th   Effects: On any round you use both your standard and move actions to move, you gain 150% move speed on the next round(30ft becomes 45, etc). This continues to scale for up to 4 rounds, after which it resets to normal. Your movement speed and break check bonuses automatically reset when you do not move for both your movement and standard actions. You gain a cumulative +4 on strength checks to break objects for each consecutive round you continue to build momentum and speed in this way.   Slow though they might be, with the right training Guīmogoa can learn to utilize their lumbering slow gait to slowly build up momentum until they become rock-plated wrecking balls capable of destroying most anything that stands in their way.
Posion Eater:   Prerequisites: Guīmogoa race, 'Pure Body' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 7th   Effects: By touching another creature and concentrating as a full round action, you can transfer a poison or disease affecting them to yourself as if you were the original recipient. You cannot use this ability if you are immune to poisons or diseases. You can also give poisons or diseases to another willing recipient.   With bodies resistant to diseases and poisons, many Guīmogoa can learn to siphon them between themselves and a touched target, transferring afflications between them as easy as breathing.
Defensive Curl Titanblow:   Prerequisites: Guīmogoa race, 'Defensive Curl Redirection' Racial Feat, Character level 7th   Effects: When you hit a target with the slam while in Defensive Curl, you can make a CMB check against their CMD. If you succeed, you can choose to trip them(Not provoking regardless of if you have Improved Trip or not), or instead push them back by 10ft plus 5 additional feet for every 5 by which you beat their CMD. This movement does not provoke AoO.   By further honing the techniques that allow for redirection, rare but talented Guīmogoa can use their momentum to knock those they slam into off their feet or push them backwards to better control the battlefield.
Defensive Curl Redirection:   Prerequisites: Guīmogoa race, Character level 5th   Effects: While using 'Defensive Curl', if you use your slam attack against a foe before you exhaust all your movement, you can continue to move even after the attack has been made.   By learning to utilize their momentum, Guīmogoa can easily redirect themselves when they slam into their foes while curled up into their defensive ball, shooting off in another direction.


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