Guīmogoa Alternate Racial Traits

Stonelegs: Gain a climb speed equal to your base land speed. You are no longer affected by non-magical difficult terrain. Gain a racial +2 to your CMD when on the ground. Replaces Rockspawn.   Carrying a deep, raw connection to the rock and stone, Stonelegged Guīmogoa are those who are not able to sense the vibrations in the ground like others might, but instead can meld their legs into the ground and travel up walls and solid surfaces as easily as walking, using this connection to avoid difficult terrain and the combat maneuvers of their foes.
Vibrational Sink: You can not be detected by Tremorsense, Blindsense, or Scent. As a standard action, you can transfer this immunity to a creature you successfully strike with a melee touch attack by re-aligning their internal vibrations. This transfer can last indefinitely but can be negated by the source Guīmogoa as a free action. Replaces Rockspawn.   Though they themselves do not put out the vibrations neccesary to locate other creatures or mineral formations, these special Guīmogoa instead do the opposite: their thick tree-like legs absorb vibrations in the air and ground other creatures use for their special senses and put them back out with almost no delay, effectively hiding themselves from such senses. Their scales as well adapt to hide their scent and disperse it so thinly in the air around them it becomes effectively nonexistent.
Elemental Body: Gain Resistance 10 to two elements of your choice. Once made, these choices cannot be changed. Replaces Diamond Body.   Though a rare mutation, sometimes Guīmogoa emerge whose scales lack the signature durability that has made their race so famous, they instead pulse and thrum with pockets of elemental energy, their scales glowing with colors hearkening to the twin elements they resist. As an added side benefit, this excludes them somewhat from the constant hunting their kin face, as their simple elementally-resistant scales are not as widely desirable by others.
Pure Body: Gain a +4 racial bonus on all saves made to resist poisons and diseases. Replaces Diamond Body.   Though less resistant to physical attack, some Guīmogoa possess scales hardened against filth and disease, repelling harmful poisons both airborne and otherwise and keeping disease from entering their bodies.
Vacuum Scales: You no longer need to breathe. You can expel the air stored beneath your scales to move in a straight line in any direction up to 100ft as an immediation action. This movement does not provoke AoO, and you require breath afterwards for 1d4 + 1 hours. Replaces Airtight Scales.   Making use of a small, paper-thin lining between their scales and their skin, some Guīmogoa learn to store air reserves inside their scales to eliminate the need to breathe externally, instead feeding air directly into their lungs through special biological "vents" hidden beneath their scales. As a side-effect, they can vent this air and propel themselves rapidly in a given direction, though this exhausts their "air pocket" until their bodies can generate more.
Astral Scales: Your scales count as a Type I bag of Holding. The type increases by one level at 10HD and every 5 afterwards. Replaces Airtight Scales.   With scales glittering like an ocean of stars, these rare "Astral Guīmogoa" carry a strong connection to the Astral Sea and the transitive planes, and this connection might rob them of their elemental survivability but instead thanks to pockets of distorted space they can store items in a small "pocket" between their scales and their skin by merging the items into their scales.
Knuckle-Dragger: Gain two slam attacks as primary natural attacks that begin at 1d6 base damage for a medium creature, and have a x3 multiplier. Once per combat, you can smash the ground as a standard action that does not provoke to create difficult terrain in your square and all adjacent squares. Replaces Deadly Claws.   Lacking the lethal claws many of their kind possess, some Guīmogoa instead learn to utilize their massive forelimbs like iron-plated wrecking balls, cracking ground and bludgeoning their foes with wild abandon.
Gentle Hands: Deal an amount of bonus healing whenever you cast a spell or produce an effect that heals another creature of HP damage equal to your HD. Gain any crafting skill as a class skill and gain a +2 to it. Replaces Deadly Claws.   Born with lethal razor claws, it is easy for Guīmogoa to wield these weapons for violence, even when done in self-defense...but to many, they wish no such violence on anyone, and spend their time blunting their claws and learning to use their otherwise deadly hands for a helpful, healing activity.
Guīmogoa Shaman: Gain a racial +2 bonus on Spellcraft and Knowledge(Arcana). One is always a class skill for you(Player Choice). Replaces Nimble Survivors.   Raised to be an expert on all things magical from the moment they were born, the Guīmogoa Shamans are an integral part to any colony of their kin by providing spiritual and magical direction to their fellows.
Tunnel-Warden: Gain a racial +2 on Knowledge(Engineering) and Knowledge(Dungeoneering). You can make both checks untrained. Replaces Nimble Survivors.   Masters of underground tunnel-structure and all that dwells beneath the earth, the Guīmogoa Tunnel-Wardens are absolutely vital to their society by ensuring all the tunnels they burrow in pursuit of expansion do not weaken the structural integrity of the nearby rock and stone or, even worse, cause a sinkhole or collapse on the surface.
Efficient Biology: You are always treated as if you were wearing a ring of sustenance. Replaces Mineral Eaters.   With but a pinch of rock and minerals that they consume on a mostly daily basis, these rare Guīmogoa can sustain themselves for days, going with food and water to sustain themselves for an almost indefinite period.
Light-Eaters: You can digest and process raw minerals, rocks, ores, and gemstones as per Mineral-Eaters, but you gain a racial +2 on all saves made vs effects that would dazzle or blind you as well as all maze spells. You cannot become lost. You can process ores into ingots by ingesting them, and can at will choose to lower the light radius from the darkness-infused minerals and ores encrusting your backs in the same radius as a torch. Replaces Mineral Eaters.   In some sort of twisted reversal of their traditional nature, some "Shadow Guīmogoa" do not produce light when they consume ores and minerals but instead absorb the light from their surroundings, giving off a halo of blackest night that darkens the area around them as they suck the light into themselves. This 'Inner Light' protects them from blindness, as an added side benefit. These shadow Guīmogoa, with their inner light, claim that "With the light inside, it guides the way all the brighter"...and if to provide proof to their spiritual words, they have resistance to maze spells and have a highly advanced innate sense of direction.
Boulderblood: Gain the ability to cast Meld Into Stone at-will. Unlike normal, you can see normally within 10ft of where you entered the stone. Replaces Nimble Survivors and Mineral Eaters.   The terrifying secret hand that watches over most Guīmogoa colonies, the Boulderbloods are the "Special Forces" of their home colonies, using their innate talents for the betterment of their home to notice and squash all threats both internal and external. They are the origin of the phrase "The walls have eyes", because in Guīmogoa colonies...they just might. This mutation is rarely found in lone Guīmogoa, but has been known to appear at random.
Rockbreath: Gain a breath weapon usable once every 2d4 rounds after consuming rock and stone, that fires in a 30ft cone and deals 3d6 points of bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage in the radius. At 8th level, the damage increase to 4d6, and at 16th, it increases to 5d6. All creatures within the affected area must make an appropriate saving throw to avoid taking damage. The save DC against this breath weapon is 10 + 1/2 HD + the user’s Constitution modifier. Those who succeed at the save take half damage from the attack. If you have recently consumed a rare material(Mithril, Adamantine, Etc) the breath weapon's damage counts as that material(GM Discretion). Replaces Deadly Claws and Airtight Scales.   While not a racial mutation but a simple technique that many Guīmogoa consider savage and uncouth, Guīmogoa bodies can eject the rock and stone and metal they ingest in a violent cascade from their maws, creating a hail of razor-like material that shreds, bludgeons, and pierces all caught within the radius. Though deadly and useful, many Guīmogoa consider this technique a thing used by barbarians and the unrefined.


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