Goblin Racial Feats

Honorary Giant:   Prerequisite: Goblin race, 'The Fire's Gone Out' Alternate Racial Trait   Effect: You may treat your type as Humanoid(Giant) when doing so would be beneficial to you. All Creatures of the Giant subtype start one step friendler to you than normal, and you gain +4 on all checks made to resist the effects of severe weather(Including racial effects such as the Dai-Yukai's snowstorm aura.). You can also treat any creature at least two sizes bigger than you as a mount(Assuming they are willing) for the purposes of mounted combat so long as that creature has the Giant Subtype.   Among the Goblins who are taken in by the Dai-Yukai, there are those who find comfort in living beside the titanesses of the frozen north, and quickly develop a bond with them no other race quite claim to have with the nigh-xenophobic giants. Treated as honorary giants for their usefulness to the Dai-Yukai and the bond both races share, these goblins may be small, but they stand tall enough to stand alongside giants.
Shadowcap Banelord:   Prerequisites: Goblin race, 'Shadowcap Initiate' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 5th   Effect: For a number of rounds per day equal to (2 + CONMOD, Minimum 2), you may treat any weapon you wield as having the Goblinoid Bane property.   The premier fighting force of the Shadowcap, the elite special forces of the goblin people, the Banelords are said to have undertaken extensive training to learn the ways of hunting one's own kin...filled with hatred for goblin-kind and trained to be lethal killers, the Banelords are capable of infusing their weapons with the force of their hatred so as to better strike goblinkind.
Shadowcap Night Haunter:   Prerequisites: Goblin race, 'Shadowcap Initiate' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 7th   Effect: You may cast Deeper Darkness 3/day instead of Casting Darkness 1/day. You can see perfectly in all kinds of darkness, including magical darkness such as Deeper Darkness. This functions as the Universal Monster rule of the same name. All creatures within an area of darkness take a -2 to all saves and checks made to resist any effect that would result in them becoming panicked, frightened, or shaken. If there would be no such check and would instead be a DC(Such as to demoralize), the DC is lowered by 2 instead. If a creature is normally immune to fear but is within an area of magical darkness, if you exceed the DC or if they fail their save or check by 10 or more, they take the effect regardless.   Trained for months and even years in the ways of hunting in absolute darkness, the Night Haunters are the elite of the elite, their bodies and senses adapted to allow them to function in all kinds of darkness, including magical darkness...with this, they strike their foes with impunity from the darkness and use their training to instill fear in their hearts.
Shadowcap Mindtracker:   Prerequisites: Goblin race, 'Shadowcap Initiate' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 9th   Effect: Gain Thoughtsense(60ft), and automatically learn if those you detect with thoughtsense possess the goblinoid subtype, or can be treated as goblinoid. No ability or effect which would prevent you from detecting a creature's type or would return a false one can prevent this ability from working. Creatures that are small sized no longer gain a size bonus to AC against your attacks. Creatures that are smaller than small size gain half their normal size bonus to AC instead.   The third and most secretive amongst the ranks of the Shadowcap, the special forces unit said to serve the Goblin People, the Mindtrackers are said to be the highest echelon of their order. Following their prey across snowbank, icefield, blizzard, or sleetstorm, come rain or wind or ice, the Mindtrackers track their prey by more than sight...to escape their gaze, impossible; to hide from them, unthinkable; They are the all-seeing eyes of their order, and ensure none escape them once they have been marked...trained to hunt down and kill their own kind, they are also incredibly used to fighting smaller creatures as a result, and easily ignore the normal bonuses that would result from being so small.
Stardreamer’s Chosen:   Prerequisites: Goblin race, 'Stardreamer’s Faithful' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 5th   Effect: You can hover up to 6 inches above the ground or even above liquid surfaces, as if you were levitating. Additionally, for a number of minutes per day equal to your level, you may gain the ability to Fly, as per the spell. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1 minute increments. While flying in this manner, you no longer need to breathe.   Amongst the Goblins who turn to the faith of the Stardreamer for guidance, those that diligently prove their faith to their new eldritch patron find that they begin to not only be pulled upwards towards the sky with such force they can choose to levitate above the ground, but they also gain the ability to soar through the sky for a certain amount of time per day...ecstatic with their newfound freedom, these goblins serve as the fervent priests of the Goblin cult of the Stardreamer. Though, it isn’t uncommon for these goblins to vanish altogether after becoming intent on finding their patron in the skies above…
Goblin Skinwalker:   Prerequisites: Goblin race, 'Well-Acclimated' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 5th   Effect: You may cast Disguise Self as an at-will spell-like ability an unlimited number of times per day. You gain a stacking racial +4 bonus to disguise checks.   Special: At Character level 10, this effect changes to Alter self instead of Disguise Self.   Though they are sometimes accepted by their newfound homes despite their somewhat off-putting and brutish appearances, some goblins are so uncomfortable in their own skins that they turn to magic to alleviate their burdens. These goblins prefer to take on any form but their own, and often are indistinguishable from whatever form they happen to be mimicking in that moment.
Ankle Biter:   Prerequisites: Goblin race, Escape Artist 1 rank   Benefit: If you are the target of a combat maneuver you can, as an immediate action, attempt to bite your opponent in addition to any attacks of opportunity or other consequences your opponent might incur from attacking you. This bonus natural attack does not provoke an attack of opportunity itself and deals base damage appropriate for a creature of your current size (usually 1d4 for Small creatures), or normal bite damage if you have a bite from other source.. If grappled or pinned, you can continue to make this additional bite attack each round as swift action on your turn. You gain a bonus on any attempt to break the grapple equal to the damage you dealt with your bite that round.   Special: You cannot make this bite attack when you are the aggressor, including if you manage to reverse a grapple or make any other attack of opportunity.   Due to their ferocious, savage lifestyles they sometimes lead in lands abroad, some goblins know how take a mouthful out of anyone who tries to overpower them.
Battle Singer:   Prerequisites: Goblin race, bardic performance class feature, ‘Goblinsinger’ Alternate Racial Trait   Benefit: When using bardic performance to inspire courage in allies, you can choose to sing in Goblin—allies who do not speak Goblin gain no benefits from this performance. Allies who speak and understand goblin who hear your battle songs become more energetic and brave, and thus add the bonus granted by your inspire courage ability to all saving throws as a morale bonus.   Taking their odd goblin songs and performing talents into battle, the goblins who practice and hone their art find that their battle songs can drive their fellow goblins and goblin-speaking allies to new heights of frenzy.
Burn! Burn! Burn!:   Prerequisites: Goblin race, Character level 5th   Benefit: You deal an extra 1d4 points of fire damage when you attack with fire from any source either mundane or magical and gain a +4 competence bonus on Reflex saving throws made to avoid catching on fire or to put yourself out when on fire. Additional damage caused by this feat does not apply to splash damage.   Hearkening back to the truest, purest form that goblins used to possess, some goblins find themselves so obsessed with flame and fire that they take their art of arson and fire play to an entirely new level, and become capable of causing additional damage when wielding flame.
Fire Hand:   Prerequisites: Goblin race   Benefit: You can wield a torch as a weapon without taking the nonproficient penalty and gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with melee weapons that deal fire damage.   Born with a torch in their hand, these goblins have an intrinsic knowledge of how to fight with a torch or a flaming weapon in their hand, and possess a gift with anything that burns.
Fire Tamer:   Prerequisites: Goblin race, 'The Fire Inside' OR ‘The Fire’s Gone Out’ racial trait   Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on saves against spells with the fire descriptor. Additionally, your scars mark you as a talented fire tamer, granting you a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks when dealing with other goblins.   Special: If you possess ‘The Fire’s Gone Out’ instead, all effects given by this feat work against cold rather than fire.   Having mastered fire itself due to the flame that beats within their chests, some goblins take their love of flame and their inner fire to even taller heights and master fire itself, learning how to avoid it and using their newfound scars as a point of pride for their kin...no matter how sophisticated they may be, it's rather unavoidable that goblins find such scars impressive and enjoy them.
Flame Heart:   Prerequisites: Goblin race, 'Fire Tamer' Racial Feat, character level 5th   Benefit: You gain fire resistance 5 which stacks with the resistance granted by 'The Fire Inside'. When casting spells with the fire descriptor or throwing alchemist bombs that deal fire damage, treat your caster level or alchemist level as if you were 1 level higher.   Special: If you possess ‘The Fire’s Gone Out’ instead, all effects given by this feat work against cold rather than fire.(Cold Resistance 5, Cold Descriptor, Etc…)   The ultimate level that a goblin can ascend to, the Flame Heart goblins have stoked their inner fires with their devotion, care, self-improvement and a healthy splash of pyromania until the flame within them roars louder than an inferno. Their skin turning red and their veins beating with liquid flame, they become even more innately resistant to flame, and with but a thought can display to all that can see their innately mastery of flame and fire.
Goblin Gunslinger:   Prerequisites: Goblin race   Benefit: You can wield firearms one size category larger than yourself without taking the penalty for an inappropriately sized weapon.   Normal: You take a –2 penalty when using an inappropriately sized weapon.   Perhaps as a natural result of their racial love of fire, explosions and the like, it is not uncommon for goblins who dedicate themselves to the adventuring life in search of redemption or even simple adventure to train themselves in the use of firearms...and ones designed for larger creatures, at that. Having learned the ins and outs of handling firearms sized for bigger creatures, these goblins wield these awe-inspiring weapons with a surprising amount of skill.
Tangle Feet:   Prerequisites: Dodge, Mobility, Underfoot, Goblin race, Small size or smaller.   Benefit: When you successfully make an Acrobatics check to avoid provoking an attack of opportunity from a larger opponent when you move through its threatened area or its space, you can make that opponent lose its balance until the end of its next turn as a free action. While that creature’s balance is lost, if it attempts to move, it must make a successful DC 15 Acrobatics check or fall prone, wasting the move action. You can only affect one creature with this effect each round.   Perhaps due to their size or perhaps due to an innate skill for tripping up bigger creatures, some goblins find that they become capable of causing those who cross their path to begin tripping over their own feet, stumbling over themselves and even potentially falling flat on their fact as a result.


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