Githyanki Alternate Racial Traits

Alternate Racial Traits

Practical Mastery: Gain proficiency in one Exotic Weapon of your choosing. Gain the 'Weapon Proficiency' racial trait of any single other species of your choosing, and may change any one skill of your choosing from using its default attribute to any physical attribute. Replace Decadent Mastery.   Rather than spend their time studying countless bits of odd and esoteric knowledge, many Gith embark on Warriors' Journies to master all the weapons of the world - oftentimes studying under various other species and/or cultures to learn of the weapons they wield and master their use. These Gith are often well-traveled and well-learned in the ways of martial combat, and learn how to put their warrior's physicality to use for their various skillsets.
Formless Mastery: Creatures you slay are difficult to return to unlife - all creature you slay count as having SR 13 + their HD for the purposes of Animate Dead, Raise Dead, and similar spells, which a caster attempting to create an undead from them must first bypass to successfully do so. Creatures who return after death(Such as Liches, Graveknights, Etc), have their time until they return doubled, and you gain a vague sense of where they will return and how long it will take. You cannot become an undead unless you willingly do so with your own efforts. Replaces Decadent Mastery.   The third of the three schools of Githyanki Mastery, the Formless studies focus on bettering one's soul - whereas the studies of Decadent and Practical focus on the Mind and Body respectively. These Githyanki who spend their timeless existences focusing their gaze inward to study and hone their souls attune themselves to the energies of the cosmos, and of the great Lifestream - submerging themselves within its infinite cerulean waters such that they become unshakable bastions of cosmic energy, their paths to the Tenfold Gates so firmly set in place that undeath has nearly no hold over them.
Black Hand of Gith: You gain the use of the 'Chameleon' Psionic Power and the unique Cantrip 'Gith's Voidray'(Which functions as Ray of Frost, except instead of dealing cold damage it snuffs out all visible light on a target object or creature) as at-will SLAs with a Caster Level equal to your HD. At 5th Level, any object you touch, wear, or hold makes no sound as if affected by a silence spell with no save - and you may 1/day choose to affect a creature with this silence as well, with no save. Replaces Mental Powerhouses.   These unseen shadows of Githyanki Society are exclusively found on Zheng-Kitar, and never back within the Githyanki Enclaves of the Astral Plane - this unique cabal of Githyanki sneaks originated during the early days of the Githyanki Crusades across the planet of Ea, before the Githyanki settled down onto Zheng-Kitar and went fully native: formed originally out of neccesity to diversify the skillsets of the crusaders so as to better their chances on the field of battle against the Illithids. Nowadays, these unseen hands are few and far between, but serve the Narix'Ana almost exclusively.
Githyanki Mindscion: As a full-round action while within 5ft of another sentient and intelligent creature, you can leave a powerful psychic imprint within their minds. Helpless creature recieve no save, but otherwise such a creature must pass a Will Save, DC (10 + 1/2HD + Highest Mental Attribute) to resist this imprint(Which is a mind-affecting effect). If a creature is successfully imprinted and the imprint is not removed for 2d6 days(Removable through remove curse, break enchantment, or similar magic), the creature's mind is consumed by the Psychic Imprint and mutates into a healthy duplicate of the original Githyanki that left the Imprint, save that the Githyanki can re-allocate all skill ranks when being 'born' in this way. Once leaving an imprint, the Githyanki gains 1 negative level and dies as soon as the imprint triggers the transformation. This duplicate replaces the previous Githyanki character, and the creature given the imprint is considered dead once the Githyanki has been reborn. Replaces Mental Powerhouses.   A powerful technique developed by the most mentally formidable of the Githyanki Crusaders in days of yore, the way of the Mindscion is an aguably heretical and dangerous use of the Githyanki's natural mental fortitude that allows one to slip the bounds of death and live on by possessing and taking over the body of another creature. While useful and once seen as a sign of utmost nobility and power, it has come to be seen increasingly as barbaric and blasphemous by modern Githyanki as they have gone native and civilized, a sign of their more brutal and zealous roots.
Astral Shadow Bodies: Gain Stealth and Perception as class skills, and gain a racial +2 bonus to both. Replaces Astral Bodies.   Their bodies just as timeless as their kin, these Githyanki have subtly different physiques that allow them to lightly absorb small, trace elements of the visible light spectrum and disperse the absorbed light across their skin as dark shadow-light, allowing them to hide easier and see easier by manipulating the light levels around their eyes.
Kami-Forged Bodies: Gain Knowledge(Nature) and Sense Motive as class skills, and gain a racial +2 to both. Replaces Astral Bodies.   Though rare, it is possible for a Githyanki to be born without a link to their Astral Homeland - thankfully, in such cases, local Kami are more than willing to serve as a substitute to allow these normally aging Gith to retain their ageless existences, though often in exchange for tasks, service, or other deeds done in their name. These Githyanki have a stronger connection to nature, and can more easily wield their link to the Kami to gauge the motives and interests of others they meet.
Predator's Perfect Onslaught: Your attacks can ignore up to 5 points of Damage Reduction OR 10 points of energy resistance for an element of their choice, chosen at the beginning of each day. If you choosen to ignore an energy resistance, whichever energy type you choose also allows you to ignore resistance to True Elements. Replaces Predator's Perfect Defense.   Focusing instead on offense instead of defense, these Githyanki specialize in taking down their foes with brutal onslaughts as opposed to relying on their innate talents to defend themselves against their foe's attacks.
Astral Channeler: You may infuse weapons you wield with either the Shock, Flaming, Frost, or Corrosive weapon special abilities, chosen at the beginning of each day. These special abilities vanish once you are not wielding the weapon. Replaces Predator's Perfect Defense.   With a bit of technique and training, many Gith find that their connection to their Astral Homeland remains strong enough that they can draw upon its power to infuse weapons the weapons their wield with a shard of the Astral Plane's power, moulding the formless astral energy into an element of their chosing with which to attack their enemies.
Red Sun Mark: Whenever you deal HP damage to a creature with a melee or weapon attack, you can choose to mark them with a burning, bloody mark that hangs around their head like a red flaming sun. This highly visible mark sheds baleful red light like a lantern and grants all attacks against the target creature +2 to hit and +2 to damage - as well as granting them a -10 on stealth checks. Any attacking creature can fully consume the mark to reroll a missed attack against the marked creature. You may only have one creature marked in this way at a time, and must wait 1d4 rounds to mark a creature against after using the mark. Dismissing the mark is a free action, and the mark vanishes after 1 round per 2HD you possess(Min 1). Replaces Inescapable Blade.   A different method of utilizing the bloody mark normally used to help track targets they damage, the Blood Mark of Destruction(AKA the Red Sun) is a sign of calamitous obliteration to the Githyanki, hanging above the heads of their targets like a baleful star to widen wounds and guide attacks made towards the target with greater accuracy.
Bloodfire Mark: Whenever you deal HP damage to a creature with a melee or weapon attack while that creature is below their maximum HP, you can choose to mark them with a weeping, unholy mark that appears on their forehead or easily visible patch of skin. This mark resonates with wounds taken, and deals an extra 1d4 points of fire damage that bypasses all resistances and immunities when the marked target takes HP damage from any source. This mark lasts 24 hours, until dispelled, or dismissed as a free action. Replaces Inescapable Blade.   Another, more unholy and profane use of the Githyanki Blood Mark that traces its origins to a methodology originally taught by one of the blasphemous Oni(Reportedly a powerful Fire Yai to an ancient Githyanki Chieftain), the Bloodfire Mark sends jolts of unholy fire through the bodies of the target each time it takes damage from an outside source. While viewed with some distaste and distust by other Githyanki, those who wield this technique are not overly outcast - though they are often kept at arms length.
Astral Stutterslash: Once per combat, you can make a full attack and divide all attacks you would normally recieve up among any targets within your normal movement speed away from you - during these attacks, you may ignore restrictions you are under on your attacks(Such as only being able to attack with light weapons while swallowed, being grappled, etc), though using this ability DOES NOT free you from such restrictions, and merely lets you ignore them for one round. Replaces Blade Rush Blast.   A supremely rare technique born of the determined studies of an ancient Githyanki Crusader who yearned to unlock the secrets of their timeless bodies, the way of the Astral Stutterslash is a supremely challenging technique to pull off that relies on wielding and "manipulating" the timeless nature of the Githyanki's bodies. This technique, when used properly, allows a Githyanki to seemingly "teleport" around the battlefield while taking advantage of the timelessness inherent in their souls - channeling timelines that never came to be to hitting targets that are quite distant from them.
Starcrusher's Cry: Once per combat, you can force all enemies within 120ft of you to succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 15 + 1/2HD + Highest Mental Stat) or be forced onto the same horizontal plane as you are - flying enemies are brought until they are even with you, while burrowing creatures are brought up to the surface to be level with you. Creatures take 1 point of damage for each 5ft they travel in this way. You do not have to be aware of creatures to affect them with this ability. Replaces Blade Rush Blast.   Born with an innate mastery over the forces of gravity and infused with the power of cold, freezing void of the Great Star Ocean, these incredibly rare Githyanki forever chase the path of the legendary and mysterious Githyanki once known as "The Starcrusher" - whose mastery over the forces of space, gravity, and the cosmos was so mighty that he held back a falling meteor for well over two centuries until his death in battle - preventing the meteor from falling to Ea and causing untold destruction. These few Githyanki, while not able to reach such a level of mastery, can channel a fragment of the Starcrusher's teachings to drag their enemies up or down to be on their level.
Humanoid Hunters: Gain a +1 to attack rolls and +2 to damage rolls vs humanoids of two specific types(chosen by you at character creation). Gain a racial +1 to all will saves. Replaces Aberration Hunters.   Having long since gone native, many Gith turn their hunting attention to humanoids - a trait quite useful on their many conquests in the lands of Narixia.
Oni Hunters: Gain a racial +1 to attack rolls and +2 to damage rolls vs outsiders. You can detect the presence of Oni that are within 120ft of you as per Blindsense. Replaces Aberration Hunters.   Having long since gone native, many Gith turn their hunting attention to the most plentiful prey within their homeland of Narixia - the Oni that crawl out of the infested waters of the Boiling Sea, whom they hunt alongside the Kami in grand Oni Hunts.


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