Cloud Elf Alternate Racial Traits

Racial Variants

Astral Elf: Take the 'Star-Touched', 'Living Comet', and 'Shooting Star Motes' alternate racial traits.   Full Set Bonus: Gain Aklo as a bonus language. Gain the Starflight(Su) ability of Outer Dragons.   The oft-discussed but almost never seen Cloud Elves said to live among the Great Star Ocean, the Astral Elves are figures of myth and rumor in Cloud Elven and Giant society, creatures said to exist but never proven to...their supposed astral castles and otherworldly colonies are things of child's fables and ancient myth, things discussed by those who look up at the stars with childlike wonder and dream of life beyond the normal.
Gilded Elf: Take the 'Mountainborn', 'Cloudy Bloodline', and 'Giantskin' alternate racial traits.   Full Set Bonus: Giant Giant as a bonus language and count your Strength as 20 higher for the purposes of carry weight and lifting capacity. You can determine the market value of an item in Gold Pieces by touching and focusing on it for a full minute.   One of the most common variants of Cloud Elf besides the normal variety, the Gilded Elves live alongside the Cloud Giants in massive mountaintop citadels of incredible grandeur and splendor - and as a result, they are more closely connected with their Cloud Giant companions.

Alternate Racial Traits

Mongrel-Blooded: Racial ability scores replaced by (+4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma). Your type is changed to Humanoid with the Elf and Giant subtypes. Modifies Ability scores.   Although the mere act is spit upon in Cloud Elven society, some amongst them are 'Mongrels', born from the union between a Cloud Elf and their Cloud Giant companions. Such Elves are quite a bit stronger than their fellows thanks to the strength of the Giantkin that flows through their veins, but less personable and intelligent due to their brutish appearances.
Star-touched: You no longer need to breathe and gain Cold Resistance 10. Replaces Elven Immunities.   "Fly high, Fly Free, and above the world you'll be. Skies of black, drifting like the end, the Stardreamer guides you home." - Cloud Elven Folk Song
Skilled: Gain an additional skill rank per level. Replaces Elven Immunities.   Some Cloud Elves, after spending years, decades, and even centuries within their massive librariums, come out as more skilled than they were before.
Supreme Self Confidence: You gain a +4 racial bonus on all saving throws made against Enchantment Spells and Effects, and a racial +2 bonus on all saving throws against fear effects. Whenever any spell is successfully cast on you by an enemy, the caster must make a will save (DC 15 + 1/2 HD + CHAMOD) or you automatically learn their name, race, general location relative to you, and one other piece of information about them personally of your choosing(GM Discretion) that can be meta concepts like level, class, saving throw bonus for one saving throw, or about personal things like foods they like, etc. Replaces Elven Immunities.   With Egos so large that they think themselves royalty one and all, its no surprise that many Cloud Elves become so assured of their own self-worth that the mere thought of being afraid or commanded because of another creature is so anathema to them that they are more resistant against such effects, and can even learn some information about who dares to inflict such things upon them.
Light Feet: You ignores any traps that use a location-based trigger and do not set off such traps with your passing. Replaces Gilded Senses.   With movement so delicate and precise as to not disturb even a single flower floating on a surface of a still pond, many Cloud Elves can move so gracefully as to not disturb the world around them in the slightest of ways.
Graceful Harlequin: Gain a +2 Racial Bonus to Acrobatics and Perform(Dance) checks, and gain both as class skills. You can use Perform(Dance) checks in place of stealth checks and do not take the penalty to Acrobatics checks to move through enemy threatened areas or squares at full speed. Replaces Gilded Senses.   Though Cloud Elves rarely have or care to possess anything resembling a standing military and instead prefer to use their Cloud Giant friends for protection, the closest thing they have to warriors is the legendary Harlequins. Dancing about the clouds like graceful dancers, they meld into and out of the shadows, each spin and pirouette designed to awe as they get close and slit the throats of their foes.
Mountainborn: Gain the Earth Glide ability, allowing you to pass through stone, dirt, or almost any other sort of earth except metal as easily as swimming through water. If protected against fire damage, you may glide through laval. Your burrowing in this way leaves behind no tunnel or hole, nor does it create any ripple or sign of your passing or presence. A move earth spell cast on an area containing you flings you back 30ft and stuns you for a round unless you succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude Save. Replaces Gilded Senses.   Dwelling on the highest mountaintops, many Cloud Elves live along their Cloud Giant companions in massive mountaintop citadels - and to do so, they must learn and adapt to keep up with their Giant Companions on the cliff-faces and sheer mountainsides around their homes.
The Clouds Inside: Whenever you take damage from a piercing or slashing weapon, there is a 35% chance you immediately become the target of an Obscuring Mist spell. Once triggered it cannot be used again until the damage has been healed and 1d4 + 1 hours have passed. You may willingly cause this ability to activate when you take piercing or slashing damage, but cannot keep it from activating if random chance says it does. 1/day, may cast Fog cloud as an a swift action. Replaces Cloud Elven Magic.   Considered a sign of true pureblooded Cloud Elven Heritage, some Cloud Elves' bodies thrum with the clouds themselves, their blood misty and more akin to a gas than a liquid as their skin is even paler than usual. When struck by a weapon that would piercing or cut their skin, sometimes the clouds inside of them begin to billow out into the surrounding area and obscure all sight.
Living Comet: A number of times per day equal to your CHAMOD (Minimum 1), when you would take fall-damage you may take average damage (3 dmg per 10ft) and deal the total fall damage you take to all creatures and objects within a radius equal to 10ft + 5ft for every 10ft you fall beyond the first 10ft. A successful reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + CHAMOD) halves this damage. Replaces Cloud Elven Magic.   Their bodies adapting to life in space, these Cloud Elves develop a 'heat shielding' of sorts to protect them from the heat of re-entry - but in addition, their bodies develop an impact-absorption biological system to disperse the pressure caused by their landing into the surrounding area.
Master of Free Will: Gain a racial +1 to the DC of all charm and compulsion spells you cast, and cast such spells at +1 caster level. By spending a full round in concentration on a creature within eyesight, you can learn what their total bonus to will saves is. The DC bonus increases to +4 against creatures with the Giant subtype. Replaces Cloud Elven Magic.   Though they would strike whosoever declared they did not care for or treat their servants and slaves well, Cloud Elves nonetheless have no qualms mentally bending others to their will to achieve their own ends and often see the act of doing so as a gift to their target. Those rare Cloud Elves who embrace this philosophy and delve deep into the twisted and arcane nature of the Rune Giants gain valuable but forbidden knowledge of how to bend the minds of others, particularly Giants, to their will easier.
Lord of the Old Ways: You become proficient with longbows (including composite longbows), longswords, rapiers, and shortbows (including composite shortbows), and treat any weapon with the word “elven” in its name as a martial weapon. Replaces Blood of the Clouds.   Though they have long removed themselves from the surface world and the affairs of the Elves that dwell on it, there are yet some Cloud Elves who remember and practice the old Elven traditions of warfare and combat, eschewing the more opulent lifestyles of their kin for a more balanced existence.
Ancient Smith: You gain a racial +4 on all crafting and profession checks related to crafting arms and armor made of a special material. You know the secrets of smithing Mithral, and can make all items made of a special material in half the time. You also gain a +2 on Appraise checks, and use magic device is always a class skill for you(If it already is, gain a racial +2 on it). Replaces Blood of the Clouds.   Though most special materials are nothing but an exotic commodity up within their floating Cloud Cities, Cloud Elves often hoard rare and special materials such as Mithral with all the greed and gusto of dragons...and sometimes, some among them display such a curiosity in working with such special materials that they re-learn the secrets of their ancestors and become incredibly capable smiths, artisans, and users of magic devices.
Cloudy Bloodline: Gain Levitate and Obscuring Mist as at-will spell-like abilities. Gain Fog-Cloud and Skyshroud as 1/day spell-like abilities. Replaces Blood of the Clouds and Cloud Elven Magic.   Regardless of the origins, many Cloud Elves have intermingled with their Cloud Giant companions over the eons and have since gained the magic that dwells in the blood of the Cloud Giants as their own.
Natural Supremacy: You may cast Enlarge person on yourself as an at-will spell-like ability. You gain a +2 on all intimidate and bluff checks made against smaller creatures when enlarged this way. 1/day, you may issue a Command as per the spell - creatures smaller than you take a -2 on saves to resist this ability. You are unaffected by winds of any level and may move normally within them, and do not suffer penalties for high altitude exposure. Replaces Storm Shroud.   Though Cloud Elves commonly consider the notion that 'Size Equals Power' to be a barbaric concept lacking in proof, some Cloud Elves not only believe in this, but are also aware that to be bigger than one's foes strikes fear into their hearts...and that the small naturally obey the strong.
Shooting Star Motes: You may, as a standard action, shoot a mote of starlight as a ranged touch attack dealing 1d8 base damage, with a range increment of 40ft, a critical multiplier of x3, and a critical threat range of 20. You are unaffected by winds of any level and may move normally within them, and do not suffer penalties for high altitude exposure. Replaces Storm Shroud.   Their skin speckled with glowing motes of starlight that drift around their skin like dust specks, these Cloud Elves are often mistake for shooting stars in the night sky as others look up and see them flying across the sky...and when they use their motes as ranged weapons, the streaming streaks of starlight across the sky are things of immense beauty and wonder.
Noblesse Oblige: By performing a ritual with another creature over the course of an hour, they can make a vow of fealty, loyalty, service, or something similar that displays subordination to you to bind themselves to you. Each creature bound to you in this way is tied to your essence, allowing you to maintain a constant status effect on them as per the spell so long as they remain on the same plane of existance to you, and granting them a ring of sustenance effect for as long as they remain bound to you. You may remove a creature from this ability as a full-round action that does not provoke AoOs. Additionally, you may use one of the following effects on the creature once per day each. You may have one creature bound to you in this manner, plus an additional creature at every 5HD you possess. Replaces Oligarch's Instinct.  
  • You may take an instance of damage or a single condition inflicted upon them and take it yourself.
  • You may grant them a reroll on a fail save or attack roll.
  Cloud elves may be incredibly haughty, high-handed, and even Arrogant at times, but none are as kind to those who serve beneath them with loyalty and ardor than the Cloud Elves. So long as those they command serve them dutifully and to the best of their ability, they hold no qualms and spare no expense ensuring their lives are lived in comfort and they are provided for as reward for their service. To Cloud Elves, true nobility is a lifestyle more than a type of personality, and even one's servants can never be taken for granted and indeed, should be cared for and protected.
Oligarch's Aura: Gain an aura that causes all creatures they choose within 30ft to lose all immunities and bonuses on saving throws versus charm and compulsion effects so long as they remain within your aura. Creatures immune to mind-affecting retain all immunities to non-charm and non-compulsion effects. Creatures that would normally be immune that are affected by such an effect automatically break free the next time they would be afforded a save outside the aura. Replaces Oligarch's Instinct.   With a fervent belief in their innate superiority over all other races, Cloud Elves that prefer to manipulate the minds of others developed this innate ability through a combination of biological experimentation and precise application of their own commanding presences.
Oceanic Ambassador: You gain the ability to breathe underwater as well as you can in air, and whenever you are in water your flight speed is converted to a swim speed. Gain Diplomacy as a class skill if you do not already have it as one. Gain Aquan as a bonus language. As a standard action, you may grant yourself or another willing creature a blessing that grant all projectiles used by the blessed creature the cyclonic weapon special quality for 1 minute. A creature can only benefit from this blessing 1/day. Replaces Peerless Epicure.   Though the Cloud Elves make it a point to not associate themselves with those they believe would sully their cities or themselves, they often make trips to the ocean floor to see their reclusive Sea Elf kin, who they see as one of a rare few cultured beings in an otherwise uncultured world. Such Cloud Elves naturally adapt to the water Environs of their Aquatic Kin.
Vortex Breath: As a standard action that provokes AoO, you can open your mouth and inhale with the force of a thundering typhoon. All enemies within a 40ft cone must make a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 + CHAMOD) or be dragged up to 20ft towards you and take 2d8 bludgeoning damage. They are dragged only half as far on a successful save, and take half damage as well. You may use this ability once every 1d8 rounds. Replaces Peerless Epicure.   Special: You can choose to push enemies away instead of pull them in.   With lungs that roil and churn with the force of the sky's wrath, these eccentric Cloud Elves choose to pursue less food and drink based hobbies and instead on refining the powerful breath they are capable of mighty is the force of their inhales or exhales, that the tornado that emerges from their lips can shove or pull their foes closer or further away from them. More skilled practitioners of this art are said to be able to inhale many creatures at once, and spirit them away to strange demiplanes to keep them prisoner, but few reach that height.
Sensemonger: As a standard action that provokes AoO, you can choose to hijack one sense(Sight, Taste, Touch, Hearing, Smell) of an ally(willing or unwilling) within 120ft and use their chosen sense instead of your own. While using this ability, the chosen ally is not affected in any meaningful way and often does not know their sense is being hijacked, though you can telepathically make them aware if you so choose. You can choose to drop this ability as a free action. Replaces Peerless Epicure.   To the proud and noble Cloud Elves who often garner entire batallions of servants, slaves, and vassals to cater to their whims and carry out tasks for them, whatsoever those they own have or are should also, naturally, belong to them as well...even the senses of their subjects are not exempt from their imperious will, and like tyrannical lords they freely make use of the senses of their subjects.
A Noble's Purity: You may use CHA in place of CON for all saves made vs. poisons, drugs and diseases, as well as any 2 WIS or INT Based skills of your choice. Replaces Force of Personality.   In order to uphold their image, many Cloud Elves keep themselves fastidiously clean and tidy, showing the very image of purity to the outside world such that no blemish, scar, or wound appears upon their sky-colored skin. Even poisons, when faced with the might of their powerful will, are nothing in comparison.
Giantskin: Gain a +2 to your natural armor bonus. Replaces Force of Personality.   Their skin hardening and taking on a durability and texture not dissimilar to cobblestone, these pebbly-skinned Cloud Elves once again trace this blessing back to their Cloud Giant companions, whose hardiness has become partially imbued in them over the eons.
How dare you strike me?: You gain a bonus to attack and damage rolls against the foe or enemy who attacked you and dealt you damage most recently equal to 1/2 your CHAMOD(Min 1). This bonus can only apply to one enemy at a time. If multiple enemies hit you in the same round, you can choose who the bonus applies to. While this bonus is active, you know their general direction and distance relative to you for 24 hours, or until you switch the target of this ability. Replaces Force of Personality.   While they almost universally believe in the way of Noblesse Oblige and taking care of their servants and lessers so long as they obey, the one exception to this dignity is when they are touched by another being they do not deem worthy of the privilege...often, they take great offense to this, and become enraged in a display of rare emotion as they seek to punish the one who dared to strike their perfect forms.
Refined Senses: Gain the Scent Universal Monster Rule out to 60ft. Replaces Force of Personality.   To better sample the amazingly exotic scents, smells, and flavors of the world in greater depth, many Cloud Elves hone their sense of smell until it becomes incredibly hyper-sensitive.


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