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Session 1: The Tower of Gul Garak

General Summary

A small group gathered in Zanarkand, planning to rob the fabled tower of the notorious necromancer Gul Garak, the group consisted of:  

  Baru had long-ago been the apprentice of Gul Garak. Asking around in Zanarkand they discovered that Gul Garak had not been seen for a number of years, but that all thieves who had attempted to rob his tower had disappeared.   Leaving the drinking establishment they were in, the group found themselves followed by a young Ice Lander slave girl who Baru (a former slave himself) had been kind to, she begged them to let her accompany them so that she might one day see her homeland again. After some discussion the group agreed, with Aeger giving the young woman a dagger and some basic combat instructions.   Arriving at the tower they climb the wall surrounding it and begin to make their way through the topiary maze, populated by statues of people in poses of horror and surprise. It becomes clear after a day or two that either the maze is moving or it is playing tricks on their mind since they are no closer to the tower, but they eventually locate an open area where a woman is sitting behind a tree playing a harp. Suspecting a trick the heroes move in and Baru throws an enchanted, exploding skull in the direction of the harp music, at which point his suspicions prove to be well founded as a snake-headed gorgon slithers out from behind the felled tree.   Shielding their vision the heroes are able to slay the beast and carefully take the head, stowing it in a heavy canvas bag; on Guntok's instructions they skin and take the meat from the lower-end of the Gorgon in-case they need more provisions before they can clear the maze, also liberating the wealth that the Gorgon has gathered.   Some time later they locate the tower and are eventually able to force their way inside, avoiding a room draped with cobwebs they find notes from Gul Garak pertaining to the failed creation of a flesh automata, Baru warns them to be on their guard. Moving up to the next floor they encounter a crimson clad steward standing in a chamber whose floor is shrouded in mist, the shape of people and sounds of physical pleasure are heard echoing up from the mist, with all the heroes feeling a compulsion to throw caution to the wind and join the dimly glimpsed revellers. Baru and Aeger manage to resist the compulsion and continue up the stairs whilst Zonso and Guntok fail victim to the strange effect and wade into the mist, quickly disappearing from sight.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Shansi - a slave girl taken from her homeland at a young age.
  • Zhisi - a pompous and self important Lankhoran trader.

Report Date
14 Feb 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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