Zerth (Rule of Heroics)

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  A world where the meek and the mutants have to learn to get along or face a terrible future. Each timeline has their own independent story to tell, but each progress the world to the next timeline, some more drastically than others.   The M Genome has existed for many, many years. As far back as humans can remember. Maybe even before humans existed. Many times they have tried to be a part of society, but due to fear of the unknown; they have been greatly rejected.   Because of this, they have long since been in hiding, pretending they are not among the powered folks. Now they are tired of hiding and instead choose to fight back. Some choose to do it heroically, while others choose to do so violently.   The heroes of these various stories face many types of foes. Robots, demons, aliens, even other mutants! Their main goal is to show the world that they aren't bad people. They can be friends, families, heroes, or just normal civilians looking to just live their lives.

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