Arden Braxton

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She, like her child, has been turned in to a cyborg. However her more out of necessity than the rest. She lost both of her arms through a major incident around the time she met Alaric. The actions of him helping her and providing her with cybernetic limbs led her to believe that he was a kind, benevolent man. This belief is what lead her to fall in love and marry him.   They had several children over the years, and at first she was blinded by her love and initial idea of the man she married that she didn't believe there was anything wrong with how he treated them.     She even fell deeply in to these lies as he saved their daughter of certain death, gave her a cybernetic heart. The first known success in the world. She only believed that a benevolent man would want to save and care for a weakened child that would certainly die or live a very poor life.   But then he giving them dangerous, life threatening missions. Missions with questionable integrity. She began to open her eyes to his true self, and quickly grew to abhor his treatment of their children.   Two years after the birth of her youngest two she provided them each proper names to call themselves especially in public. Two years later she left them.   She wanted to take all 8 children with her but they were all too brainwashed by their father to believe her and refused to go. All except one, Eta.   All of her children resent her for leaving, not quite understanding what exactly it is that their father is putting them through or the consequences of the actions they are made to do.


Family Ties

Alaric Riley (ex-husband)
Altair Riley (Ex brother-in-law)   She has 8 children, each of which she provided them with names to call themselves, as their father refused to give them proper legal names.
  1. Alpha He was the oldest of all their children. He was killed at the age of 19 by Gamma, Epsilon and Delta. He was given the name Landon, of which he refuses to go by.
  2. Beta The second oldest, and one of the most loyal to their father. He was killed at the age of 18 by Gamma, Epsilon and Delta. He was given the name Dewey.
  3. Gamma He is the third oldest and the most disloyal to their father. He was given the name Reece.
  4. Epsilon He was the fourth child. He died at the age of 17 and is presumed to have stayed dead. He was killed by Alpha and Beta. He was given the name Gerald.
  5. Delta She is the fifth child, and was part of the rebelling trio that killed Alpha and Beta. She was given the name Bryn.
  6. Digamma She was given the name Jodie.
  7. Zeta The second youngest and twin brother of Eta. He was given the name Andre.
  8. Eta She is the youngest of all eight children and the only one who agreed to leave with her. She was given the name Annika.
None of her children call each other by the names she gave them, and only ever really go by them in public spaces.
Current Location
Year of Birth
4045 Taor 45 Years old
Skin Tone
Pale white


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