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The Horde


At the top, we have the Warchief who is in charge of the Horde and is the caretaker. All major decisions must come from them, for they have the final say of things. Next, we have the Court of the Warchief which are the advisors of the Warchief, war plans and strategies are planned with them and the Warchief. The Court consists of 5 chosen and most trusted to the Warchief, they and only them can change the Warchief's thoughts. After the Court, are the Lords, people chosen by the Court to make sure that sectors of the Horde are not going unwatched and betraying. These Lords have certain duties to maintain such as making sure the shipments of food arrive fine or making sure that there is no Imperial scum spying and coercing trade to go to them.


"My brothers and sisters we are in a great time of lose. We have been stuck on this rock for a many Moon cycles and I feel that it's time we take back some land that is OURS! Ever since Warchief Zaul was slain in the destruction of Arvenwrath, those Imperial dogs have believed that this war is over and we have lost our honor! Let's show them that this war is no laughting matter today is a new day, a day of reckoning. Let's show these Dogs that THE HORDE NEVER FORGETS!!"
— Warchief Min Zhod

Public Agenda

To eradicate the empire and the legion.


They have the Zaegnah Gylach HumansBorshire Tribe of the Ursalian, Rakashan, and The Volt Umbra Drakks. Each providing multiples of things to keep them together. The Zaegnah provide the necessary minerals for crafting. The Gylach Humans are the traders with the other cities. The Borshire Tribe provides more muscle as well as gardens for the Horde. The Rakashan provide their brewing of the potions as well as their ariel support and make up most of the main forces. the Volt Umbra Drakks are the only ones that provide the healing capabilities and make the Cold Brigade in The Horde.


The Horde was very few. Only ran by the Rakashan as just a small clan of them. Then the empire saw them and began hunting them. The Horde called for help to all the Rakashan people and they answered turning from 12 different clans into 1 clan. Their leader before Zaul Fangnail led this clan over to a large enough city called Arvenwrath. But the victory was only to come from sacrifice, and when the empire found out about the Horde's location. They sent in a full-scale invasion laying dow the lives of many shortly after that the Zaegnah came and joined the horde and with a new Warchief needing to be chosen. A Zaegnah by the name of Min Zhod took the place of Zaul. Honoring his name by moving the horde to a new location. A city called Jekkyl's Smile  in Ashkath, The Ghost Wastes. Where they stay and the Borshire Tribe and the Volt Umbra Drakks came and wanted to join. With the season Volt on their side, they will continue the battle.

The Horde Never Forgets!!

The Horde Never Forgets!

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Tribe
Alternative Names
Savages, Monsters, Beasts
Leader Title
Head of Government
Government System
They use small silver coins called Shillings as well as gold coins.
Legislative Body
The Warchief is the one that creates the laws of the Horde and the Court of The Warchief.
Judicial Body
The entire Horde must follow the laws or be punished with a dishonorable death.

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