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Marriage of Benoit du Faeien and Alison Mariel of Gaventon



After six months of courtship, Grand Magister Benoit du Faeien marries Alison Mariel of Gaventon in Vesium.

The marriage between Benoit and Alison Mariel proved controversial from its start. The Gaventons’ influence in the territories north and east of Conais had swelled since the reinstatement of the Marble Bishop’s line at the helm of Vesium. The du Faeiens, despite technically being part of the Conaisan nobility, pursued little regarding the country’s politics within the last several centuries; however, royal endowments and previous exploits resulted in the du Faeiens coming into possession of substantial holdings at the intersection of the Cloue and Ruxon Rivers in Conais’ northern holdings. Alison Mariel’s dowry resulted in the lands of Degradbleu to then fall into the hands of the du Faeiens. With enough territory to qualify for a kingdom in itself and their newly formed link to House Gaventon, the du Faeiens suddenly came to the forefront as a possible political contender in Southeast Varia. Benoit serving as Grand Magister aided in both magnifying and nullifying this seeming threat since the position required a considerable level of political neutrality yet also entailed significant clout in intercontinental affairs.

Furthermore, members of both the Conaisan and Vesian upper class touted the union as a pedigree marriage. During that period, pedigree marriages were also in the vogue. These unions did not prioritize just political and economic standings of bloodlines but also the mental and physical characteristics associated with the joining families. The du Faeiens boasted a tried talent with the magical arts, as indicated by the prominence of previous generations in the Arcane Society, while the Gaventons held a comparably notable affinity for divine magicks since the time of their ancestor, the Marble Bishop.

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