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Xandran Ke an Eri

Prince of the Kingdom of the Evergreens
Xandran Elirith Mae'cian Ke an Eri

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Xandran is a tall, physically built, and hardy elven man. He has obvious, well-developed muscles from the rigors of physical training and combat yet also exhibits extraordinary agility. Perhaps most notably now, he has a left arm comprised of wood, functioning very much like a completely operational prosthetic.

Body Features

Xandran has light skin tinted with a slight tan from hours spent outdoors. He has long, golden blond hair that he often ties on the top or back of his head.

Facial Features

Xandran has an almond shaped face with generally handsome features. He has a shorter, pointed nose and soft cheekbones. Like most elves, he lacks the ability to have any facial hair. His eyes are slightly wider than usual for an elf's with fine goldenrod eyebrows over them. He has somewhat rugged and very pronouncedly pointed ears.

Identifying Characteristics

Xandran's left arm, up to his wrist, used to be tattooed with a pattern of emerald green leaves and vines embellished with ancient Elven words written in a golden ink. Since losing his arm to the Scourge at the Grand Arcaneum, Xandran lived with only one arm for several months; after his return to the Kingdom fo the Evergreens, he acquired a prosthetic wooden arm that looks very similar to the bark of a tree but seemingly has full functionality as compared to his original arm.

Physical quirks

Xandran is primarily left-handed though has trained in the use of both his arms. He moves with a honed agility while in combat that is reminiscent of a hunter stalking his prey. In more casual situations, he almost seems to glide when he moves, exhibiting a physical grace appropriate of high elven society.

In recent months, Xandran switched to using his right hand dominantly because he lost his other one. Even after receiving a wooden prosthetic replacement for his left arm, he continued primarily using his right arm.

Apparel & Accessories

Xandran typically dresses in green-colored garments, from formal wear to adventuring gear. He prefers outfits that refrain from limiting his mobility, such as pants or chaps. During most casual occasions, Xandran dons garments over a set of leather armor for security. When he expects to fight and does not have the need for subtlety, Xandran will don heavy plate armor in combat. He has occasionally worn a gold earring on his left ear and leather bracers on his arms.

Specialized Equipment

Xandran possesses a green hooded-cloak that has been enchanted to muddle perceptions of his identity. The item only works on individuals who do not already know Xandran particularly well or that he is wearing the hood.

Xandran currently has the Sovereign Laurels. The Laurels confer certain benefits to him while in his possession, such as protection from mental effects, though he seemingly only has limited capability to using their other functions.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In Eraval of 3099 3E, Sovereign Xireael and his wife, Sovereign Consort Kendrana Ke an Er, made that they were expecting a second child to the larger public of Eryll Tahl'Rei. Sovereign Consort Kesrana entered labor on the night of 6 Ereval 3100 3E at the Verdant Keep in Eryll Tahl'Rei. She gave birth to Princess Xiel Aulara Gelith Ke an Eri an hour before midnight. The princess was born alarmingly smaller than anticipated, and the royal physicians realized that the Sovereign Consort had carried twins when she continued in her labor. Several hours after his sister, Prince Xandran Elirith Mae'cian Ke an Eri arrived following a breech birth on the 7th of Erval 3100 3E. Sovereign Consort Kesrana suffered complications the labor, dying less than a year after the birth of the twins. Despite the circumstances of his birth, Xandran turned out to be healthy, especially compared to his older sister.

Xandran grew up under the close care of Sovereign Xireael, the Royal Protector Caedon Lord Gael an Toryn, and a staff of caretakers. He and his sister were inseparable during the first few decades of their childhood. However, compared to his twin, Xandran proved the rowdier of the two, more inclined to shirk his duties as well as wander around and out of the Verdant Keep. In his early youth, Xandran proved capable in martial practices and demonstrated interest in natural studies. The young prince also became acquianted with the son of the Royal Protector, Firon Gael'toryn (then known as Ver Gael an Toryn), who became his closest friend, an elder brother figure, and (unbeknownst to him) childhood protector.

During his fifth decade, he suffered a fall from one of the Verdant Keep's upper floor balconies. The accident left the young prince seriously injured and bedridden for several months. Xandran eventually made a full recovery, though his father assigned more caretakers to supervise the youngest royal child. The entire royal family subsequently became more protective of the child prince; Xandran subsequently more time in the company of both the Sovereign and the older prince, Xedris Seile Roe'vehn Ke an Eri.

In 3080 3E, Xandran and his sister accompanied Prince Xedris on a trip through several major cities in the Kingdom of the Evergreens. During one stretch of traveling, Xandran wandered off from his retinue, taking a trip through the forests. While on this trek, he wandered close to a ravine, slipped on the underbrush, and fell down where he found an injured centaur foal named Ahairn at the bottom. Xandran immediately befriended the young, frightened centaur before formulating a plan to save them both. The elven prince subsequently had the foal cling to his body, secured only by nearby vines, and scaled the ravine with the centaur in tow. Xandran then followed the foal's instructions to safety, though they ultimately were found by Firon Gael'toryn. Xandran convinced Firon for them to return his centaur friend first before reuniting with his family. The older elf begrudgingly acquiesced, and the three hiked to an encampment managed by the Great Herd. Xandran discovered that he had rescued the son of the Great Herd Leader before he and Firon were returned to their initial company.

The gesture brought better relations between the Kingdom of the Evergreens and the Great Herd. The incident compelled Sovereign Xireael to consider assigning more protectors and supervisors to his youngest son. However, Xandran's father instead decided to encourage his instincts and sense for wanderlust. He promised Xandran freedom to see the Evergreens, and perhaps the world beyond, so long as the prince possessed the capability and skills to return home. Following this promise, Xandran began a stricter training regimen with instructors from the Evergreens' armed forces and the Royal Protector; his friend, Firon, became his primary sparring partner. In 3220 3E, following a formal coming-of-age ceremony, Xandran began his royal duties touring the Kingdom and unintentionally serving as a liaison between the royal government and the Great Herd.

In 3286 3E, Xandran, still accompanied by Firon, began investigating disappearances occurring near the western border. The duo's sleuthing eventually brought them to Varia where they tracked down traces of a victim to the city of Reven. This investigation led to their first encounter with a young Alexandre du Faeien and ultimately resulted in the formation of the Band of Six. Xandran adventured with the Band of Six for the better part of the next fifteen years, returning home intermittently between the group's exploits. Xandran remained a member of the Band of Six until the conclusion of the Battle of Eravlicht. The Band of Six formally retired in Avelrul 3306 3E, though he maintained contact with most members of the group.

Xandran spent the following century and a half traveling between Varia and the Kingdom of the Evergreens. His membership to the Sabers often brought him away from his home, though it gave him substantial contact with the friends and allies he had made during his adventuring career. Beginning in 3400 3E, he returned mainly to his royal duties om the Evergreens, though he still occasionally traveled to Varia. During a function at the Verdant Keep in 3253 3E, Xandran met Edaelyn Neverannea. She had presented to the Sovereign on behalf of the Neverannea family's banking enterprise. The two became friends and, over the course of several decades, became betrothed. Their ceremony of union had been unofficially scheduled for some time in 3500 3E.

In 3497 3E, Xandran experienced health issues related to injuries sustained during the Battle of Eravlicht. His deteroriating health, later associated with the Scourge, compelled him to travel to Varia where he hoped to resolve his condition. During his voyage, the Kingdom of the Evergreens entered a state of isolation which rendered him unable to contact his family and allies in Eryll Tahl'Rei. Following a purification ritual conducted by his friend Grand Magister Alexandre du Faeien, Xandran remained in Varia for several months in association to his duties with the Sabers. Xandran at last returned to the Kingdom of the Evergreens in late 3498 3E following disconcerting news about the state of his home.


Xandran received personal tutoring from the Evergreens' most prestigious scholars to prepare him for his duties as a member of the kingdom's royal family. He studied a curriculum that honed his knowledge all matters of history, law, government, religion, and culture as it pertained to the Kingdom of the Evergreens. There was no question regarding the quality of the instruction given to him, though his teachers could only remain optimistic regarding his merits as a student.

Xandran received martial training with top-tier instructors from the Evergreens' military forces. However, he trained most continuously with the Royal Protector, Lord Caedon Gael an Toryn, and a select other individuals.


Xandran has been a prince since birth and has conducted duties appropriate to his status for most of his life. For a period of about twenty years beginning in 3290 3E, Xandran traveled through western Varia as an adventurer called Idan accompanied by his friend, confidant, and bodyguard, Firon Gael'toryn (who went by the alias of Knyte). The Evergreens prince gained international renown as a member of the Band of Six, though his successes, for the most part, remained unknown to the denizens of his own kingdom.

Following his time as an adventurer, Xandran returned to his princely duties. He often traveled through the Evergreens as a friendly emissary as well as an impromptu fighter in local conflicts. The prince also went beyond the kingdom's borders to assist his allies in Varia at differing points over the past two centuries. Xandran often avoided matters of court in the Evergreens, however, and while he spent a considerable amount of time in Eryll Tahl'Rei, he did not often step into the political fray.

Mental Trauma

Xandran has a fear of heights from a childhood incident. Over the centuries, he learned to cope with this fear by pretending he was not in high places, avoiding looking down at any cost, and not falling.

Following being Corrupted during the Battle of Eravlicht, Xandran developed post-traumatic stress that has left him with muddled memories regarding the events of the battle. Though he continued to combat Scourge in Varia at intermittent times, he showed no signs of a direct phobia regarding the phenomenon.

Intellectual Characteristics

Xandran is educated but not often considered intelligent. He possesses only short-term retention when learning information and often gets distracted during long periods of discussion. Long strands of thought and elaborate plans often confuse him. Xandran also tends to be very forthcoming with his thoughts and feelings as well as gullible to the words or suggestions of those he trusts (and he trusts seemingly easily). However, he is also very open to receiving guidance from others, usually acknowledging his own mental shortcomings.

Morality & Philosophy

Xandran believes in the doing as much good as possible while hurting the least amount of people. If he can save someone by only sacrificing his own well-being, then he considers that an ideal situation. He believes that everyone has good in them, knowing that life can often make people do things they would not already do.

He thinks that people are better together but does not wish others to get hurt or end up in a bad situation because of himself or his actions. When his friends and family need him, Xandran will do whatever it takes to make things better for them.

Personality Characteristics


Xandran wants to be the best person he can be so that he can help his friends and family. He strives to be as good a person as his father.

Savvies & Ineptitudes


  • Excellent physical prowess, capable of conducting extraodinary feats of strength and agility.
  • Master archer and swordsman.
  • Expert survivalist and tracker.
  • Sleight of hand tricks and juggling.
  • Public speaking.
  • Making friends.

  • Book learning, such as subjects that require intense reading or writing.
  • Remembering fine details, especially names of peoples or things.
  • Focusing on elongated discussions.
  • Formulating plans and longterm thinking.[/l]
  • Taking care of himself.


Contacts & Relations

Xandran was born a prince of the Kingdom of the Evergreens. As a royal, he has a place at the kingdom's Green Court and has the loyalty of the Evergreens' Noble Houses through his father's influence. During his teenage years, he became an honorary member of the Great Herd of the Evergreens following a heroic act that saved the Herd Leader's son and future Herd Leader, Ahairn aur Moir-Laoke.

He also became a founding member of the adventuring group known as the Band of Six, alongside Knyte (Firon Gael'toryn), Rael (Alexandre du Faeien), Milecia Auberlain, Harald Hamhands, and Doskara of Veld. Due to the group's allegiances and exploits, he briefly became affiliated with both the Order of Avalon and the Arcane Society.

Following the Battle of Eravlicht and his retirement from adventuring, Xandran also became a member of the Sabers at an unknown point in the past two hundred years.

Xandran was betrothed to Edaelyn Neverannea, the eldest daughter of the prominent Neverannea family of Eryll Tahl'Rei. However, her untimely death rendered the arrangement null. He unknowingly sired a daughter with her, Xalena Edaelyn Caed'eira Ke an Eri, who was born in secret and later reunited with him.

Family Ties

Xandran is the youngest child and second son of Sovereign Xireael Ke an Eri of the Kingdom of the Evergreens. He has two siblings: brother Xedris Ke an Eri (the eldest child and first son of Sovereign Xireael; deceased) and twin sister Xiel Ke an Eri (the second child and only daughter of Sovereign Xireael; living). His mother died shortly after his birth. Due to the House Eri having no other branches beyond the main line, Xandran has no other known family. However, he considers both Firon Gael'toryn and Ahairn aur Moir-Laoke as brothers through their experiences.

The True Shot
Spirit-kin (amongst the Great Herd)
Cherished One (by the Wild Sentinel)
Golden Boy
Neutral Good/Stupid Good
Current Location
The Feylands
Honorary & Occupational Titles

Heir Apparent to the Sovereign of the Kingdom of the Evergreens
Prince of the Kingdom of the Evergreens
Honored of the Great Herd
Honorary Sentinel of the Order of Avalon
Hero of Eravlicht
Year of Birth
5100 398 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Unexpected pregnancy
Resulted in his mother's death
The Verdant Keep in Eryll Tahl'Rei, capital of the Kingdom of the Evergreens
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Golden, slanted yet somewhat wide-eyed
Long, blonde hair
237 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I don't want anyone getting hurt because of me!"

Aligned Organization
Kingdom of the Evergreens
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Xandran is fluent in Varian Common, Feylandian Common, Elvish, Sylvan, Gnomic, and Dwarven. While he traveled with the Band of Six, he also learned some Orcish phrases but has since forgotten them.

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