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Donohan Mitris

Lord Donohan Mitris of Clan Goldeye (a.k.a. The King of Gold)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Donohan Mitris was a dark-haired human male who in adulthood maintained a healthy complexion and size as he did not indulge in excess, despite his wealth. However, his apparel more often than not reflected his lavish standings, though not in egregious levels. Later in his life, his dark hair grew grey and he grew out his beard in a manner almost emulating his dwarven kin.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Donohan Mitris was born to Donald Mitris and his wife, Sashen, a human couple residing in the city of Wiltide in 3000 3E. Surrounded by the ceaseless commerce of the coastal city, Donohan honed his mind for trade and business from a young age. Supposedly swindling his way to a clerical position in the Hanalian Trade Company, the enterprising young man worked his way through its ranks, and by 3028 3E, Mitris had been promoted to manage a branch of the Company opening within the Kor Mountain ranges to the far north of the continent of Varia.

During his tenure as the manager of the Kor branch, Mitris developed a close rapport with the main family of Clan Goldeye and eventually married into the dwarven clan in 3033 3E. From these connections, Mitris drafted the first plans for an intercontinental trading alliance that would survive the tests of the perpetual warring nations. Mitris saw the potentially untapped markets of the kingdoms, marred only by the cutthroat realities of war. However, he believed that managing agreements to protecting trade routes, or at least their trade routes, would allow merchants to once again open up commerce even within, and possibly between, societies at war. In 3044 3E, Donohan Mitris succeeded in establishing the Goldrocks Guild with a base membership of over one dozen businesses based in the Kor Mountains.

Mitris led the Goldrocks Guild as its first Presider for the remainder of his life. The first decade of the Guild's existence saw it extend its reaches within the dwarven ruled territories. However, within the next 20 years, Mitris maneuvered both the tumultuous political and economic climates of the war-ridden states beyond the Kor. Returning to his roots, Wiltide became the first major city south of the mountains in which the Goldrocks Guild opened a branch. By the time of Mitris' death in 3083 3E, the Guild had spread its presence to just short of the borders of Grandia in Southern Varia.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Beyond his rise within the Hanalian Trade Company, Donohan Mitris also came to great prominence within the societies of the Dwarven Federation. His work in bolstering trade and the economy within the Kor Mountains garnered the favor of even the Clan Stormshield, the current ruling Clan of the Dwarven Federation. In 3063 3E, King Siegmor of Clan Stormshield bestowed him a title of nobility within the dwarven lands for his achievements. As a part of the ceremony, the King purportedly lauded Mitris' talents with industry, remarking him "a king of gold as much I the king of dwarves"; from this occurrence, Mitris also gained his moniker, the "King of Gold."

Morality & Philosophy

"The heart of business is the brain. But you can't forget to pretend like it's beating."
— —Donohan Mitris, circa. 3031 3E
"Through trade and commerce, even divided nations can be united, though to whose benefit, that can be debated."
— —Donohan Mitris, circa. 3043 3E
"Pragamatism. Practice. Patience."
— —Donohan Mitris, circa. 3062 3E

Wealth & Financial state

Donohan Mitris' humble beginnings instilled a sense of economic pragmatism that served him well throughout the rest of his life. His endeavors in various street businesses in Wiltide affording even a teenaged Mitris and his family with enough income to live comfortably. His rise as a prominent merchant within the Hanalian Trade Company marked the beginnings of his early fortune, which Mitris invested in properties within the Wiltide. These properties eventually came to the possession of the Goldrocks Guild, providing the land for their branch in the city.   Mitris' move to the Kor Mountains did nothing but expand his wealth, both due to his affiliation with the Hanalian Trade Company and personal endeavors regarding dwarven businesses. He also gained a notable increase in assets at his entrance to Clan Goldeye via marriage, which came in the form of priceless jewels and metals along with mountainside property. By the time of his death, Mitris was the wealthiest, non-dwarven individual within the Kor Mountain ranges and came short only of the major dwarven clans.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
First Presider of the Goldrocks Guild
A Lord of the Dwarven Federation
Member of Clan Goldeye
Biological Sex
Known Languages
Varian Common

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16 Feb, 2018 19:14

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