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60. The Search for Solomon

General Summary

Jester and Varris returned to the back of the line to enter the gates while Kent, Sorrow, and Rapture proceeded to the largest spire in An-Seigil, known as Zen. After waiting in line for hours, Jester and Varris witnessed a fight break out between two large humanoids, though the metallic guardians of the gate split up the fight not too long afterwards. The line continued to slowly move along before a rift in the sky opened and unleashed a torrent of monsters upon the city and the bridge leading into An-Seigil. The paladin and the rogue found themselves surrounded by enemies mowing down surrounding innocents. Though they found themselves being pushed to their limits, Varris teleported the two of them to the more relative safety of the gate where the fighting seemed better handled by the bridge’s guardians. Once the monsters had effectively been destroyed, Jester and Varris at last received admittance into the city.

Meanwhile, Kent, Sorrow, and Rapture spent the majority of the day searching for Rapture. Kent asked travelers in Zen if they encountered Solomon within the structure to mixed successes. Sorrow also led the search for a while, though succeeded only in finding a trinket merchant. As tiredness crept up on the trio, they decided to split up. Kent would continue searching for Solomon while Sorrow and Rapture reunited with Jester and Varris.

Kent wandered the spire of Zen for hours even through his exhaustion. Eventually, he was approached by an individual who looked and sounded like Angramax. The two conversed, and it became clear that the mage had at last found Solomon. Kent bargained with the strange entity before ultimately accepting a deal. Solomon answered Kent’s questions, and Kent paid a price that became apparent only after the exchange.

While Kent conducted his business with Solomon, the rest of the party, reunited and staying in Rapture’s pocket villa, waited for Kent’s return. However, the hours turned into days, though after eight days, they at last found the missing mage. Kent returned utterly changed, aged and physically decrepit. The group rushed back to the Grand Arcaneum in Curieux where they then got Kent the help he needed to survive.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Rapture
  • "Darcy"
  • Solomon

Report Date
24 Sep 2018

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