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The God Kings(and Queens) of a new Era

When Spirits and Humanity would finally interact peacefully to restore earth to its former Glory 10 of the 11 great spirits would selectively give out their power to those who they thought were worthy hence they first contract was formed. "The Spirits would grant humanity as they are now the power to channel a spirits essence in through their mortal forms for as long as we spirits are connected to humanity." In exchanged they asked humanity (Specifically the contracted) when they die their spirit becomes one with the spirit who was contracted with them. There was a special version of this pact, and it came from when a human was contracted to one of the great spirits themselves. When the human died in there pact their soul wasn't absorbed but their soul was taken to which ever realm were it would be turned into a elemental guard to forever protect the realm.   This was an acceptable deal, until humanity collectively found out two facts to late.   1. A spirit when it choose a human initially did not care what the human actually used its power for, only having an opinion on habitat.   2. Over a period of years the partnered spirit would take on some human like qualities   which is understandable given the spirit is always around there partner damn near 24/7 and initially being blank slates. The was no true guidance here beside instructions on how to actually use their power and apply it to nature.   This lead to many of the first contracted to go rogue, drunk with new found power only told about in stories, with control over domain previously reserved to god.   Though many only had weak level spirits this didn't really become a problem until the Great Spirit of the Void entered a contract, unlike Spirit which keeps balance Void devours excess, the newly contracted set out to hunt other contracted making their meager abilities nul and prompting the other great spirits into action blessing chosen ones with their abilities. This sent the Void into hiding and leaving the newly christened contracted to do as the others did before them. Until they learn what they wanted to use there power for.   The Great Contracted of Fire, Water, Ice, Light and Lightning, started to gain a cult followers in great number. As these new spirits are replacing the religions of the world. Till eventually they go rogue, some publicly others with discretion. With there new god like abilities the world entered a new age and these individuals planned to shape it in their image.

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Author's Notes

Stock art by Thomas Raube

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