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The Begining of the Tuleon Empire

Tuleons were a family oriented race. Typically their tribes held no more than 30 or so. And the wild life was lush and plentiful. The only thing that could challenge a Tuleon family was other Tuleon tribes. Skirmishes happened whenever territory was infringed upon, but rarely ended in the total destruction of an invading family. This was the Tuleons' life even as they slowly acquired greater technology clans would seek to arrange marriage between their children as a sort of truce. Their way of life was simple and it wasn’t until they were visited by a being from the stars did they realize how weak they were.     A creature of unimaginable form descends. It’s classification now known as Netherhen met the ancient Tuleon tribes and began a long campaign of amalgamation, from one tribe to the next. Overpowering those foolish enough to stand in it’s way and slowly growing in it’s own numbers.       This act however forced survivors to take refuge in other tribes. Sparking the need for greatest cohesion between tribes and bonds being formed. The Netheren was smart to never pick fights it couldn’t win so as more of this boogey man of the Tuleons inducted more the Tuleons came to trust one another and when they became large enough they held a war council between the tribes left 18 strong and full of refugees looking for revenge.. Of that council, the leaders of Shadow, Sands, Mountain, Waves, Stone Where the war chiefs       Finding and Destroying the Nether was their goal and once found they launched full strike not fully realizing the danger they were in.     While the Tuleons grew in power so did the Netheren and the met a disastrous first battle and any captured just added to the Nethers army. Nights became the most harrowing as messengers raced across the lands to rally more clans to the cause while the Nether slowly encompassed more of the planet.     The Netheren however aren’t dumb were there is weakness it will exploited promising power, bestowing gifts, to weaker and ignorant tribes. Not yet consumed and not yet reached by the growing alliance to do battle in the name of the Nether thinking themselves immune or special., and not just tuleon but soon after beast and flora were converted and perverted in some way or fashion. The records of this time are sparse, the time frame from which this game of cat and mouse is speculated to have spanned 1000 years. Until the War of Defiance where no tribe was left uncontacted by either side a world war soon ensued that this was rigged in the Netherens favor since the beginning.     Valiant, was a word for the fight the Tuleons put up against the Nether, and while they fought and died on the planet the Tuleons never suspected that off world they would have help. As Stellar Leeches latched on to their sun on the final day of victories, marking the victory for the Netheren as the Eclipse Skirmish began.     Their Sun blocked, the Nether was at full power, while the land slowly died and it’s people along with it. Again Valent it was. Their continued fight. But soon all would fall. It was all lost then an estranged chief began to pray for help and his prayer was heard.     The Dragons were the closest things to gods that the Tuleon language ever came close too. They had no abstanc word for afterlife before that day. However the word Nether became synonymous with demon. This was the meeting of Dez Kismet and what scholars believe to be her children. Given the size differences show in the text.   The Chief in question found he was able to speak to the dragons and if he spoke their language he would understand his words but none around them could, he spoke for his people to the dragon and begged for their aid and Dez gave it. They would bestow her power and fight alongside her children while she would clear the sun. The Eclipse Skirmish is also known by the longest night. For 2 weeks the planet was under a shroud until Dez Cleared it and descended to the planet to continue purifying the planet. 7 long years it took to weed out the remaining Netheren and they were free.     The Dragons however took fatal damage over the ears and one by one the Children of Dez met their end before the battle closed. Dez herself in her godly power didn’t come out unsheathed, though she would have healed in time a millennia maybe but the planet and its people were left and the nether would always be in the galaxy. So Dez talked to her speaker so she would make a deal with him. Though to her it was an enormous gamble. She would teach and bestow the remaining members of the Tuleon race with her power and knowledge over time. This would spell her end but she will entrust the Tuleons to eliminate the Nether and find more of her kin out there in the abyss of space.       At that moment the First Dragon Emperor was Declared Dez Kismet. In which she ruled until her dying day and her speaker, life span extended and appearance changed into the image of thy lord, along with the race of his race thanks to the dragons power inherited the throne.     An emperor's reign is long but the truly exceptional rulers are counted on one claw. Each however showing a common theme of introducing an aspect that would improve the Tuleon culture and easier facilitate the wishes of the God Dragon Dez. Examples being   Introduction to Dragons   Introduction to Spirits   Introduction to Space Flight   And Introduction to Alien Diplomacy   Though each introduction was hard fought for as after her death Dez could no longer point the correct path and many Tuleons believe they are straying from it. As the Tuleon Empire grows so do their opinions and many have chosen to separate and full there idea of achieving God's goal.

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Cover image: by Euderion Thomas Raube


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