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Pena de Muerte

No. 10 Marisa Moreno

This model was an experiment, to see if a doll needs to biologically be alive to function. The answer, no they don't, with several conditions. Her Handler spirit is actually inside her weapon a rocket propelled scythe. Which allows her the use of her handlers magic in battle.

Physical Description

Body Features

Pale Tan Skin

Identifying Characteristics

Has a Agol Crystal in her chest

Special abilities

Spirit Bound Rocket scythe- Enables the use of spells.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

One of the first post trial dolls, she full fulled her duty in protecting her handler in exchange for her own life. Her handler however wasn't in danger it was all to have an accepting vessel using magic found on on Earth, he preformed what was called necromancy artificially extending his life...unfortunately for him he messed up the spell and his immortality came in the form of sealing his spirit in side the scythe of Pena and weaving both their fates into one.   Pena Awoke shortly after clutching the scythe that held her handler, only she can hear him and she continues doing her job, she is immortal in a sense, her body is not invincible, as for all intents and purposes she is dead. And if she is more then a mile away from her scythe she will collapse dead and be returned to life if it's brought into range.   She currently travels through the Planes of Theia, walking the Primordial shores seeking answers on her to release her handler from his cruel fate.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Aided in killing the Avatar

Personality Characteristics


Seeks to free her handler from his self inflicted prison

Current Location
Elemental planes of Theia
2866 - 2880 (Died 14 years old)
Circumstances of Death
Gave her Life to save her handler. but it was a lie
Biological Sex
Dull Dark Blue, Skull Iris
Black Long Twin braids
5.0 ft
120 lbs
Known Languages
Primordial, Solar Common

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