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Final Marker

At what is considered the edge of solar system space, it is a oddly snowman shaped Planetoid, that was dubbed the Final Marker not just for it's location but for unknown reasons, those who can afford it make a type of pilgrimage there to find their final resting place and die.   It's also one of the last places in the solar system to receive a library of souls, that is privately funded.   It's an Erie sight coffins buried in craters, bodies floating in orbit and most strange deposits of Agol Crystals forming. This place might have been meant to be anything different in space, but the symbolic nature surrounding the rock is seemingly making it become something more, who knows what it will be like in another 1000 years."



Fauna & Flora


Natural Resources

Metal, Death, Agol
Alternative Name(s)
Ultima Thule, Grave Site, Suicide Stone
Planetoid / Moon

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Cover image: by Euderion Thomas Raube


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