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Blade Dancer

No.11, Defender of Zenith Haily (a.k.a. Hail Storm)

The Fastest of all of the dolls. Equip with a jet boosted exo suit, able to fast enough to break the sound barrier. she disregards all defense and range combat capability for that ability.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Assassination was her main goal in life, simply moving from one target to the next, being an illegally made doll. The contracts she would get sent her all over the solar system until one day she recieved a contract for her own handler. She didn't hesitate but now she had no purpose. She was found by a Private mining firm and acted as a body guard from thugs and the occasional pirate.   She started to feel something for once.   Then the Solvendari attacked forcing her to take action and helped bring it down.   She would come to enjoy the thrill of being a hero, where for the remainder of her life she was a vigilante of the solar system. She met her end when during the crucial construction stage of the Zeniths production a group of extremist were going to put an end to the Zenith and it's future for the galaxy.   if she hesitated it would be all over so she used her full speed and sacrificed herself into to stop the extremist.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Aided in killing the Avatar Prevented the Destruction of the Zenith

Personality Characteristics


Be a hero

Likes & Dislikes

Speed Attention

3154 - 3350 (Died 196 years old)
Biological Sex
Blue, Dagger Iris
Short white
110 lbs

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