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Help or Run?

Create an article about a clever conflict you plan to introduce to your Main Character or your Player Characters. Explain why the plot is perfect to mess with their heads!   Lily was sent to Russia to write an article on the "Building In the Sky" and the owner of the building and why he built it. The building is built on the coastline of Russia. During Lily's time there, Giant Crabs will attack the building. Lily could either help others get out of the building or leave the building. if lily stays either Kevin or Steven will die, if she leaves both will live for now.     Players could help Lily help others and one or two players will die or they could leave and one or no players will die.  3d8 giant crabs attack the building, at the end of the battle over 40 people will be killed if the players leave with lily if they stay only about 17.

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