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Nautilus Jaunt

Written by Durzarina

The Nautilus Jaunt is the name given to the humongous conch shell that rises in the middle of the Southern sea.   This artifact is the only way, one can safely travel to the Merfolk Capital. Simply head to Galuil Port and they will guide you through the simple steps.  

But, How Does One USE It?

  It is simple my friend!   Once you are at Galuil Port and have spoken to the Captain in charge, they will give you a Tracking Shell and guide you to a Shell Boat.   When you are ready to head out, the shell boat will automatically begin to travel to the Nautilus- no sailing experience needed!   The Nautilus rests in the middle of the ocean and from afar, it looks like an unassuming Island. The closer you get the more you realise that the Nautilus acts like a harbour, a collection of the same shell-like boats sitting inside its gaping maw- waiting for it's descent.  

The Descent

  Only a set amount of shelled boats are allowed during one trip. The Nautilus will shut all the boats inside from the surface in it's protective husk. Your ears will pop from the pressure of it descending down into the depths of the sea. You hear the Nautilus moving but the boats remain still, while the water level rises the shell boat is protected by a bubble enchantment. It is up to the user as to when you 'pop' the bubble and become one with the sea. The bubble must be popped before entering the city.   Once you have reached the sea floor, the Nautilus unfurls revealing the Merfolk Kingdom's entrance cave. This is where you store the shell boat you arrived in. As you leave the entrance cave, you are welcomed into the Merfolk Kingdom.  

How Often Does The Nautilus Rise and Fall?

Four times a day:
Early Morning just before first light (6am)
Midday when the Sun is at its highest (12 noon)
Late Evening When the Sun swaps with the Moon (6pm)
Midnight When the Moon is highest (12am)

Is there a driver to the Nautilus?

  No one really knows who or what drives the shell to rise and fall as it does.   There are rumours of an invisible group of Merfolk that sit upon it's glossy surface and manually operate it. There are others that believe that the Shell itself is alive and works for the Merfolk King.   The most popular and logical rumour is that the Merfolk alchemically created a construct from a standard conch shell.

The Nautilus Jaunt On Sea Level

Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location

The Entrance Cave where you store the Shell boat.


The Merfolk Capitol

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