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Brisaides is the east most continent of Zekaron. It is comprised of two different regions, Sant Marcelle in the north and Sant Adorenne in the south. The northern region focuses primarily on agriculture, trade, and gathering resources while the southern region is the seat of power, filled with culture and learning. Brisaides boasts that its education system is vastly superior than that of the Oleron Empire. The country is deeply religious as well.   Brisaides was unified long after Oleron, their histories are lacking from that time, but some scripts say it was founded by some of the tribes of Oleron that were pushed out, while others state that the people that comprise the country were the original indiginous people. Most historians believe the truth to be somewhere between those two stories. The people are very accepting of outsiders, even immigrants from Oleron, but the quality of life here is significantly lower. Brisaides is ruled by several nobles, the High Rois, who manage the country from their seat in Sant Adorenne, and the Noblesse that live among the people as leaders in cities and towns to bring word of their needs to the capital. Meanwhile the High Rois only take time away from their lavish feasts and balls to deal with larger scale issues.   This isn't quite how it works most of the time. The Noblesse tend to look out for themselves and their own needs to gain the wealth and power required to try and become a High Roi, while the people's needs are only met on a base level. Class mobility is very rare, with most of the population being stuck in poverty, barely getting by day to day. To keep the people from starting an uprising, the High Rois promise glory and status to those who rise in the ranks of their military. While not effective 100% of the time, they have also hired brutal foreign mercenaries to snuff out revolutions in the past. The people are kept in line with a mix of hope, propaganda, fear, and religion.
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