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Mélemardor Guest Pass

While within Mélemardor, people who are not local to the continent are required to have guest passes. The pass itself requires you to put down your personal information, your purpose within Mélemardor, and where you intend to go and stay. This pass needs to be shown whenever entering/exiting a settlement and whenever conducting any kind of business transaction. Guests may also be called to present it by the Gisiae (the elite guard of the Elves) or others in authority. Being found without the pass can lead to immediate deportation from Mélemardor. The Elves take the pass very seriously, but other races, such as the Dwarves and Leonin native to Mélemardor, care little about them.


The Mélemardor Guest Pass is used as an identification document for non-locals within the continent.
Identification, Civil (Passport/ID Card)

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