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Home to the Multiversal Sea and all its Universes, the Zealotverse is full of dazzling worlds. Utopias, post-apocalyptic wastelands, lawless worlds, and realms of nightmares all live in harmony, connected to one another via strands of extra-dimensional energy called M-Energy. Powerful beings like Lightspeed and the Liberty Warriors harness this energy to protect their worlds, but not all M-Energy-wielding people are benevolent. Hidden in the near-infinite vastness of the Multiverse exist ancient beings of great power. These beings often visited Universes, where their sightings would spark the creation of myths surrounding gods. Fortunately though, these beings disappeared eons ago. It is unknown what happened to them.   While the Multiversal Sea has an almost-infinite number of Universes, only 7 of them have been mapped by its guardian and watcher, Sentinel. These Universes are often referred to as "Earths", and have letter designations, with Pocket Universes having a letter-number designation. (Eg. Earth B, Earth B2.)   Earth A - The first of the mapped Earths, Earth A is home to the heroine Lightspeed.   Earth B - The second mapped Earth, Earth B is a perfect utopia and home to Sentinel and Anava.   Earth C - The third mapped Earth, Earth C is a lawless world once dominated by a tyrant.   Earth D - The fourth mapped Earth, Earth D is similar to Earth A, but is instead protected by the telekinetic heroine Destiny.   Earth E - The fifth mapped Earth, the population of Earth E has been all but exterminated by a mysterious virus. The survivors struggle to live in the ashes of humanity.   Earth F - The sixth mapped Earth, Earth F has been the target of hostile alien races for decades, who seek to eliminate humankind. It is protected by the Powered team called the Liberty Warriors.   Earth G - The seventh and last mapped Earth, Earth G was destroyed by an unknown force thousands of years ago. There is no life left in this Universe.   All these Universes have shaped, in one way or another, the fate of the entire Multiversal Sea in more than one occasion.

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