The Legend of Arlen

Approximately 900 years ago there was a powerful mage named Arlen who specialized in Nature Magic and Affliction Magic. He also had an affinity towards fungi, known historically as the first mycologist.   His village was ravaged by a terrible plague. Arlen wanted to do something about it. He knew that fungi held special properties that could help prevent something like this happening in the future. He conducted research on various types of fungi, gathering valuable insights along the way, but it wasn't good enough. He knew that a solution must be discovered. He couldn't rest until he had found a cure.   One day he happened upon a new breed of fungi that he had never seen before. It had a vibrant purple glow and it reacted to his presence. Determined to unlock its secrets, Arlen spent many nights experimenting with this new fungi, infusing it with affliction and nature magic. However as he continued experimenting, the fungi had grown out of control and it was spreading mycelium everywhere.   Unknowingly, Arlen himself had been infected. His eyes were ghostly white and his skin was a pale grey. It was too late for Arlen. He fell into a deep slumber and his body whithered each day. Within a week he was unrecognizable.   Thus, the legend of Arlen the first Voracim was born. His mind was consumed and his only drive was to infect others. The forest and its inhabitants were ravaged by the spreading plague of the voracim. It was a new and unknown threat, one that quickly changed their lives forever.

Anatomy and Physiology

The Voracim is a parasitic fungal organism that spreads mycelium on the ground. The network of mycelium is able to detect movement. The colony will release spores to put its victim to sleep if it's within the vacinity. After the victim is sleeping, tiny fungi creatures crawl out of the mycelium tunnels to attach to the host and infect them. Once infected, the host's body becomes a vessel for the Voracim to spread and grow.   A key aspect of the Voracim's anatomy is its complex network of mycelium that runs throughout the host's body. This network connects the host's neural system to the colony, allowing the Voracim to control the host's behavior and physiology. The mycelium also acts as a protective barrier, defending the host from external threats. The Voracim is able to create and release spores from specialized reproductive structures that can infect new hosts.
The Voracim typically take on the appearance of the host it has infected, but with certain fungal characteristics, such as ghostly white eyes and grey skin.

Mycelium is responsible for the fungal characteristics seen in a host, such as elongated limbs, an enlarged mouth, and elongated fingers. The Voracim's anatomy also includes a series of specialized cells that allow it to produce chemicals that can affect the host's behavior and psychology.

The more infected the host is, the more control the Voracim colony has over its behavior and the more pronounced the physical changes become. Their ability to infect new hosts and spread their colony makes them a formidable and dangerous organism.

Voracim? Oh god, just hearing that name sends shivers down my spine. They're not just some harmless fungus, they're a nightmare. They crawl into your mind, taking over your body and turn you into one of them.
— Craven the hunter
by MidJourney

Additional Information

  Some cultures that live near the Voracim have developed a way to use the Voracim spores to their own advantage, using them in medicine and as a tool for divination and prophecy.   The Voracim's mycelium is able to sense vibrations in the ground and through the air, allowing them to locate potential hosts.   The Voracim can be cleansed or nullified with Divine Magic.   Voracim are vulnerable to fire and Fire Magic, it causes extensive damage to the colonies.
by MidJourney
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11 Jan, 2023 21:46

Ah yes, horror-fungi >:D The best kind of fungi!   Are there any side-effects or lingering effects from being cleansed after a longer period of infection?

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11 Jan, 2023 21:53

Divine magic is powerful and can cleanse the effects of the infection, however, it is not likely to reverse damage that is likely permanent from extended periods of infection. I would say the side effects would include something similar to PTSD, respiratory issues and damages to body tissues. The person that was infected would likely be affected for life.