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The island continent of Zantyra has long been a land of harmony bathed in the gentle heat of Teriztrad who’s light often danced off the multi-pointed crystalline moon, Yaanshidd. Then the comet Krio came and broke the sun and moon in pieces. In its final act, the comet crashed into the continent itself, nearly splitting it in two. Peace reigned for untold time until a comet burned its way through the sky. For a time, it simply circled the planet Xoboros until the aligning of their suns and moon. On that day, as Velpir, Boqnaut, and Krioxid stared in awe, the comet collided first with Yaanshidd, splitting it in two, and then into Teriztrad. The sun went dark and the people cried out in horror as their sun went dark.   Teriztrad’s darkness would only last a day before light would return to the skies. When it did, Teriztrad was smaller but was joined by a new sun and moon. The comet, though it was smaller and eventually would crash into the center of Zantyra, nearly ripping the continent in two and revealing Abyssal Chambers and their unimagined horrors. The skies also grew darker as a once distant floating archipelago was pulled above the continent in the wake of the comet.   Zantyra has always looked to the planet’s guardians, the Velpir for guidance, but within days of the celestial calamities, the plant people that once flourished have gone extinct, leaving the population to fend for itself in the face of new species and fearsome cousins they didn’t know existed.