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The world of Zanthar has been peaceful for years since the terrible wars of House Kaaa, where three brothers struggled to divided, the easily dividable land. Eventually all three brothers killed themselves and their tired followers quickly came to a peace agreement which has held ever since. In that peace agreement three Kingdoms were formed.   The kingdom of Palonia was the largest and most diverse of the lands. The terrain varying between mountains, swamps, deserts and everything in-between. The kingdom is ruled by King Lewis the First (actually the third but he won't abide not being first and most important). King Lewis is a bratty king, oft bored and goes into fits of rages if anyone questions his authority. He is the judge jury and executioner, or so he thinks. The kings main "sorter" is his uncle, Kev. Kev is the true ruler of the land and is immensely kind and well loved. (See disc world). His greatest achievement was to make the Thieves’ Guild responsible for theft, with annual budgets, forward planning and, above all, rigid job protection. Thus, in return for an agreed average level of crime per annum, the thieves themselves saw to it that unauthorized crime was met with the full force of Injustice, which was generally a stick with nails in it.   Neighboring kingdom of Dolaydum. King Petrid the Terrible. A war crazed king who is mad for power. The only problem... hes completely craven. It is a poor nation as all money goes on the army, which is a prized job. Well paid and nothing to do.   The other kingdom is the Democratic Republic of Silvergrove. Inhabited predominately by halflings. The land is remarkably boring, no mountains, no swamps, few areas of difficult terrain. Hence why the halflings came, their legs are short and not made for walking. The land is plentiful and the kingdom is well run resulting in the inhabitants becoming very rich. The land is also very pious, with almost the entirety believing in Erathis, the Goddess of Civilization, Inventions and Law. The halflings are very kind and welcoming but despite their wealth and open border people do not migrate to Silvergrove, which is a shame as Silvergrove desperately want skilled workers to further their . The halflings are not well liked, no one trusts that a people can be so kind or so rich and not be up to something. In fact the people of Palonia are more afraid of a Silvergrove invasion than a Dolaydian one.     Two magic bridges link the three kingdoms, the magic will cause these bridges to fall if the peace is ever broken


  • Map of Craven's Bay
  • Map of The City of Arundel

    Map of the city of Arundel

  • Map of Tastwick-Next-Field
  • Map of Potterspeak
  • Map of Arundel Region
  • Map of The Three Kingdoms