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Zanova is a world of ideology and rapid change. The world is old and has undergone massive change only a few centuries ago. Just over 200 years ago, the numerous races that formed the once-separate city-states that now make up The Federation of Braodor, officially unifying against The Obril State aggression against a slave revolt and eventual revolution in their western colony of Boartongue. Boartongue would then join The Federation as a semi-autonomous member. The current Grand Mayor of the Federation is Grand Mayor Haverbrook.   100 years ago, the first elves ever to set foot on Zanova appeared, claiming part of the continent of Arkapay for their own interplanar feudal empire. @The Domhanda, as they called themselves, now have their seat of power in the @Spire, a tower that connects Zanova to the gigantic @Market where one can buy anything one could ever want. Obril exists in the east, on the coast. A theocratic absolute monarchy filled with strife and slavery. Officially, the Empress Gabrielle IV rules in the capital city of Gra-Hashet, home to the Stepwell Temple, the largest and most opulent temple to Hashet, Obril's one true God of Death and the Desert.


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