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Golden Plains

Golden Plains
The gentle slopes of the Golden Plains stretch out like a vast golden sea when harvest time rolls around. Their inhabitants take pride in securing the food supply for the Council and regard their home as paradise, often coming off as arrogant when hearing of other people's homes.   Unlike the Windy Shore in the north, the coastline of the Golden Plains has sandy beaches, separated from the fertile farmlands by gently sloping dunes. Small fishing villages litter the coast, to provide the already rich menu of the plains with additional seafood, and when the tide is low, the children often go out clam gathering. By far inferior to the clams Beachfielders pick off the southern bluffs, they are still a welcome addition to the menu.   The land behind the dykes is covered in fields of Korvarth, Valava and various other vegetables. If it wasn't for the tree lines and hedges between the fields, both providing shade for the workers and marking the borders of a field, the gaze of the wanderer would often desperately look for orientation points, especially on the northern parts.   With the Finger edging into sight in the distance, its gentle slopes green with trees and the odd vinyard, the average Councilian, being used to always have hills around, starts to relax again.


Wedged between the Finger to the east and the Vast Sea to the west, the Golden Plains are fertile plains that produce most of the Councils grain. As the land gets somewhat less fertile going south, the southern part of the plains will see more Korvarth fields, while the northern half grows more Valava.   Vinyards are mostly restricted to the area of Beachfield though, since both the soil and the climate is better suited for the grapes. The few vinyards that do exist in the northern parts of the finger usually produce inferior wines. Still they do sell well as cooking wines, since no one is keen on wasting the exclusive, delicately flavoured wines of Beachfield on a roast sauce.

Fauna & Flora

By now, the flora of the Plains is dominated by agricultural crops, but there's still plenty of hedges between the fields that allow for less obviously useful plants to flourish. This is where the alchemists go to look for herbs they need for tinctures and concoctions. Sour Chives grow along the many brooks that crisscross the Plains on their way from the Finger to the sea. The odd tree ban be found here and there as well, but most trees on the plains are either fruit trees or confined to the edges of the Finger.   A variety of birds has made the Plains their home, some because of the abundance of grain, orthers because of the abundance of rodents attracted by the grain.

Natural Resources

Most of the riches of the region come from the crops it grows, but in several places people also take advantage of the gentle sloping beaches in summer and built shallow stone basins to collect sea salt by drying.
Alternative Name(s)
The Breadbasket
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