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Dawnlight is the place Irim the Explorer chose as her base of operations when she started her famous expedition to explore the Northern Reaches.   The route north led them along the edges of the Living Forest, and the expedition followed it for a while even when it led them east, since the forest provided them with both orientation and provisions. At some point, however, the forest... felt different, and that's when Irim decided it was time to move on north.   The place where that decision happened was protected from the constant easterly winds by a small range of stony hills stretching northward from out of the forest, and a small spring had dug a lake at the forest's edge. The group decided to set up a more permanent camp than the tent they had brought along, and anticipating cold winters, they used stones from a nearbay natural quarry.   This decision ended up saving their lives, for that year winter set in extremely early, and access to the woods rich in venison as well as sturdy, well isolated houses meant they did not lose a single person. It was an easy decicion for everyone to keep Dawnlight a permanently settled place from which to conduct further exploration of the north.   Irim started out as the leader of an expedition, but soon found herself the head of a newly founded village perfectly suited to her lifelong dream of exploring new places. Dawnlight quickly developed amenities like fur farms, smokehouses that cured and salted the venison as well as the now-famous Hurley's Distillery. Members of the expedition brought their families in, and adventurous folks as well as those who didn't see a future in their hometowns quickly came to settle down.   Korvarth and Barley are common crops in the area today, and the frequent hunting parties roaming the Reaches in summer have also attracted a group of gemcutters and mages from the The Eye of Magic that appraise and buy material suited for foci. Especially the more exotic bones and teeth as well as a previously unknown fiery type of gemstone fetch high prizes and the hunters are more than happy to pick those things up.
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A common sight for Dawnlight that often scares newcomers are the large dogs hanging around the village in packs. Often reminding newcomers of the wolves they had to fight off at home, this hardy, enduring breed is an essential helper and companion for hunters venturing out. Dog sleds, often with wheels that can be attached if necessary, are the most common way of transporting goods, and when a hunting company has reached their hunting grounds, the dogs become hunting companions and bodyguards.


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