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Crystal Palace

A huge castle made entirely of ice and held together by Ice Magic and a large amount of foci, the Crystal palace is truly a wonder of magical architecture.   Transparent parts that are so clear you can see through it like glass alternate with milky parts that provide privacy. Illumination is provided by a special kind of icy fire, and there's a whole branch of Ice Architects dedicated to working on the Crystal Palace at all times, making sure its integrity does not get compromised.   The Veil often wrinkles their noses at the mere existence of the Palace, questioning why so much effort should be invested in a mere show-off. In reality, though, while creating and improving the intricate details of the Palace, a lot of discoveries were made about structural options and restraints of ice magic, and the Palace itself seems to help facilitate the casting of ice magic in its walls.   How it does is little understood, and from time to time, the Order of Rituals has some researchers over to puzzle over this effect witht he ice architects and keep them up to date in the latest developments of Ritual Magic.

Purpose / Function

A home for all the students and practitioners of ice magic as well as a place to further their studies. The close proximity to the Neasa Glacier allows for short day trips for students and researchers alike to study the natural properties of ice.


Given the fleeting nature of its building material, it is hardly accurate to speak of alterations being done to the building. Instead, both architecture and layout adjust to the current needs and tastes of the generation working on and in the building.


Describing the architecture of the Crystal Palace is a hard thing to do, since it constantly changes and evolves. The general tendency right now, though, is more and more intricate designs and details. Some have already started complaining about how all those small oriels, turrets and fancy roof constructions severely inhibit the space available to inhabitants and make for some awkward shapes inside the rooms. One pamphlet on that topic stated that "form should follow function", but so far the ice architects have successfully fended of those radical notions, claiming the need for research on ice structures.
University / Educational complex
Parent Location

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