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The southernmost coastal settlement of the Council, Beachfield's soil is not as fertile as the northern half of the Golden Plains. Still, there's what feels like millions of small creeks, brooks and streamlets coming down the gentle slopes of The Finger, allowing for fruitful harvests of Korvarth every year.   Further up the slopes, grapes enjoy the plentyful sun and mineral-rich soil, one of the few areas of the Council lands to be able to produce Wine. And to the southeast of Beachfield, along the bluffs of the southern peninsula, clams can be found en masse, to satisfy extravagant merchants' desires for that special meal.   The relative geographical seclusion as well as the fact that the Finger is barely climbable on this side of the mountain has protected Beachfield from most of the action happening during the Mage Wars. Thus, the only defence they need is against the elements in form of a dyke to protect against the winter storms.   All the inhabitant of the Golden Plains are convinced their home is paradise, but to Beachfielders with their exclusive specialties the north is getting ahead of themselves. Yes, they may produce Valava, which is preferred among the rich people in the Council, but they will bever be able to dine on truly fine wine and the best clams!

Industry & Trade

Most locals sell their high-demand products to the local chapter of the Merchant's Guild. Some sell their grain raw, but there's also a miller around, as well as kegmakers. The kegmakers actually make sure the nearby forest gets used sustainably, since the area does not have many trees, and they put great effort into sustaining their local high-quality supply.


Quarrys that supply most of the Golden Plains with stones as a building material as well as the carefully fostered woods are the most important assets, but the Merchant's Guild also operates a markethall as well as storages there.   Parking spots for windcarts are provided at the northern edge of the village.


Mostly little stone houses, as the mountains are close and quarrys bountiful. Thatched roof from the reet plants by the countless brooks dominate, though the odd shingled roof can be found as well. Low stone walls mark the borders of the gardens, and thanks to the efforts of the Merchant's Guild, many of the roads are paved.

Natural Resources

The Vinyards at the slopes of the Finger produce high-quality grapes, unmatched in the Council lands, despite what the people of Southwick claim. The northern vinyards can't compete with the rich flavour profile the soil provides the grapes with.   Same goes for the clams by the bluffs to their southeast. The bluffs, half of the time open to the air, albeit covered in spray, and half of the time under water, are the perfect place for a different kind of clam than the one harvested by the rest of the plains. Only some of the fishing villages up north on the The Windy Shore have access to these, but as the water is so much colder, the numbers don't quite compare.   The excellent soil for growing Korvath and vegetables is shared with the rest of the Plains, and while there may be little Valava grown here, Beachfielders take their pride from their more earthy cuisine with lots of herbs they cultivate.
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3 Dec, 2018 11:09

You said that the Finger and Geographical conclusion protected them of the Mage War, and then proceed to say that they have no protection. Isn't natural protection also protection? To see the exact way they are protected, I'd love to see a map as well.
Overall great article. Gives me a feel of the region and an empathy with the culture without even seeing any pictures. I can totally feel with the proud Southerners.

3 Dec, 2018 12:43

Good point! Gonna rework it when I get back to my own work tomorrow :D As for maps I don't have anything in a quality that satisfies me - so far there only exists a crude, hand-drawn one. Maps are definitely my weak point :| Thank you for your feedback! <3

Elias Redclaw
18 Dec, 2018 08:04

Besides some small typos(only two i think) you have done a great job at depicting this place. It invoked the image of a great retirement place with lots of natural beauty and peace to me and that was enough for it to get my like. Needs some overall polishing and more expansion but its a solid article