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Guardians of the Sumixus

Dragons are legendary beings of varying size that hold the power of creation in their breath. They can take a humanoid form, but their natural form is that of a great lizard. In this era, dragons have taken up the mantle as guardians of Mortalkind and the realm of Sumixus. All dragons are descended from one or more of the six Dragon Aspects.

Basic Information


Beings of enormous power and size, the dragons of Sumixus in their true form are a sight to behold. Dragons vary somewhat in body shape, but most are quite large. The oldest of the dragons, such as the Dragon Aspects, tower over cities. Their reptillian bodies are covered in a thick, nearly-impenetrable hide. Most have wings, and nearly all are capable of semi-magical flight. In addition, every dragon has 4 or 6 legs, as well as and a great tail. Their mouths are filled with sharp teeth, and their jaws are strong enough to break most things.

Biological Traits

A dragon's breath holds the power of creation. While the dragon aspects can create nearly anything anything with their breath, weaker dragons can only create their respective magical element in its purest form.   Dragons are capable of transforming into humanoid form, taking the shape of a member of a mortal species. This helps with diplomacy, as a dragon appears much less threatening without its sharp teeth and claws.

Genetics and Reproduction

All dragons are descended from the sun god Ifra and the deceased moon god Tensi. While the dragon aspects are capable of reproducing asexually, other dragons can only reproduce by mating with others. Dragons hatch from eggs, which brooding parents will usually defend to the death from most threats. Most of the time, the form and element of a dragon hatchling will very similar to only one of its parents, but in some rate cases hybrids will be born (such as a fire and ice dragon mating to produce a steam dragon).

Additional Information

Social Structure

Dragons associate with each other in groups known as Dragonflights. Members of a dragonflight work together to achieve shared goals. There are six major dragonflights, each led by a Dragon Aspect and associated with an basic element of magic (fire, ice, earth, arcane, light, and shadow). Traditionally, a dragonflight only included the dragons descended from its leader, but in modern times other dragons and even trusted mortals may be counted as honorary members.

The six Dragon Aspects have formed a coalition to protect the world and mortalkind from external threats. If a great force of evil rises up against the dragons, the dragonflights will unite and protect the world.

Civilization and Culture

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Great dragons are highly respected and feared by much of Mortalkind. Some mortals worship dragons as gods, while few others hunt them as great monsters. Their strong scales are used as armor, and their bones can be fashioned into dragon-hunting weapons. While few dragons are truly evil, some have been afflicted with The Accursed Plague. The hunting of these plagued dragons is considered tragic but necessary.
Possibly Immortal?

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