Primordial Embrace

The lethal kiss of a Primordial Being, it is both an offensive and defensive technique.


The kiss of each primordial has a unique effect, depending on their elemental embodiment. For instance, if an individual were to be kissed by Desius, they would find that their body would slowly shut down until their life was sapped from them completely. Not all kisses are lethal, and some primordials can even control the strength of the effect or deactivate it altogether. No two effects are exactly alike. The lethality of a kiss depends on both the recipient and the primordial's physical, mental, and spiritual strength, and the traits of each person.

Related Element
Primordials are able to affect other primordials, however the results usually are not as lethal. Certain effects are stronger against certain primordials.
Effect Duration
Duration varies from primordial to primordial.
Applied Restriction
Some are unable to use this if they are unaware of the ability.


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