Maximillian Ailet

Written by Sterrestel

King Maximillian Castelis Ailet

a.k.a The Revolutionary, Maxine Albrecht

Max has been on the run for most of her life. After being tortured, abused and transformed into a Nephalem by the Demon King, Kearney, she has hunters from all sides after her; Hallangar, Earth and Draygar. The Protector of Souls wants her dead in order to keep her secret hidden. The Demon King wants her back by his side; she is the key to his plan to become unstoppable.

Unfortunately for them, she is unpredictable; uncontrollable. There's a reason she's managed to survive this long and she's looking to claim the Demon Throne for herself. She's going to make the King beg for mercy, just as he'd done to her.

Special Abilities

- Immortality (Unfettered Body)
- Omnifarious (Ability to shift wings and horns into view)
- Regenerative Healing Factor (Infinite Energy, Supernatural Cells or Healing)
- Supernatural Condition
- Nigh Omnipotence (Weakness to specific weapon/substance)
- Reality Warping (Advanced-Level User)
- Resurrection (Ash)
- Twilight Manipulation
- Weapon Manipulation
- Divine-Demonic Force Manipulation
- Elemental Manipulation
- Telekinesis
- Extrasensory Perception


Maximillian Ailet started out life as a human from Yudryae. Growing up on the outer edges of the kingdom, she became dissatisfied with her life and the people who had forced her living conditions. She joined a rebellion intent on bettering conditions for the lower class, and later on, discovered that Maire Ina Arlaill was everything but a kind and merciful ruler. This led to her final act to free the people of the kingdom. She assassinated the Maire, ultimately passing the crown on to the heir. Unfortunately for her, she did not escape and was caught. She was sentenced to death, in which she refused to show guilt for what she had done. She died a revolutionary hero.

To her surprise, she awoke in Hallangar, where the Protector of Souls explained that she had been “reborn” as an Ethereal Angel. She went on to become an Inscriber. As an angel, Max was fascinated with death, vampires, the demon kingdom, Earth, and everything in between. She even tended to gravitate towards a scythe as her weapon of choice; another symbol of death. She learned how to use one in secret, finding willing angels to teach her, and researching anything and everything she could. She stayed on Hallangar for six hundred and thirty-two years, before leading a revolt against the Protector of Souls, and attempting to kill her.

Exiled to Earth, she learned to survive, fighting off vampires and all sorts of other creatures. She survived for another three hundred and fourteen years before the Demon King took interest in her. He tortured her relentlessly, slowly breaking her down and shattering her soul. He replaced it piece by piece, drawing out her torment far longer than necessary. After eleven years, she managed to escape before he could finish the process, effectively leaving her with both a demon’s soul and her own, angelic soul. To Kearney's horror, his plan to create his own pet Nephalem had failed miserably.


Maximillian visited Boundless, a shop owned by Dresden Luro, quite often in her free time. She has always been curious of the world around her, seeking to learn how the world works and how people think. She was mostly self-taught on Yudryae, with a little help from Dresden.

Once reincarnated and reborn in Hallangar, Maximillian became an inscriber. She then made it her mission to learn as much as possible about Draygar, Hallangar, and Earth in an effort to assimilate into the culture. She succeeded, and from then was known as Maxine Albrecht. No one ever knew about her past life until much later, when she revealed herself to Vanrahn Landis, Cleo Melendez, and Acelin Black.


Now that Max resides within Dehios and is not on the run, she has a lot more time on her hands. Specifically, she has more time to think and remember her past with the king before her. She may have done everything she could to survive, but that does not mean she does not have weaknesses; with a past of mental and physical torture, she is all but mentally healthy.

Certain triggers may cause her to have highly dangerous anxiety attacks where she will completely fold in on herself and block out her surroundings, unable to stop herself from becoming trapped in a memory. When in immediate danger, panic attacks turn into loss of control and aggressive behavior as she desperately tries to protect herself from harm, often unaware of her true surroundings. This is less common after she takes over the throne of Dehios.


Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Cisgender Female, She/Her




Vanrahn Landis

Lover (Vital)

Towards Maximillian Ailet



Maximillian Ailet

Lover (Vital)

Towards Vanrahn Landis





Nicknames & Petnames

Maxine calls him Van,
And Vanrahn calls her Max or Maxy.

Shared Acquaintances

Annalise Haven

Maximillian Ailet

Closest Friend (Vital)

Towards Dhares Kemal



Dhares Kemal

Closest Friend (Vital)

Towards Maximillian Ailet




It is unknown exactly how the two of them met, but they have known each other almost their entire lives. Dhares was one of the few to support the anarchist movement in Yudryae, and helped Maximillian plan the assassination of Queen Ina Arlaill. He was unable to save her from execution, and was forced to watch her legacy end.

Later, Dhares finds that he has the ability to guide souls to their reincarnation, and it is during this time that he also travels to Earth and learns about the corrupt Protector of Souls, Solaris. He then was able to guide Maximillian's soul into Solaris' hands, where Maximillian Ailet was reincarnated as Maxine Albrecht. Little did Solaris know, but Max would soon become her most troublesome angel, nearly causing her downfall.

Dhares and Max do not end up seeing each other for another thousand years, and by this time, Max has been through quite a lot. Dhares had avoided her for the last few years, trying to push past his guilt and support her.

Nicknames & Petnames

Dhares calls her by her last name, Ailet.

She often calls him a Fyh

Shared Acquaintances

Dresden Luro, Ina Arlaill (Deceased), Vanrahn Landis

Identifying Characteristics

Unsettling eye color, wild hair, scar across the bridge of her nose.

You know, it’s too bad there aren’t any witnesses around, or I might take the throne for myself.
Chaotic Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles

King Albrecht
The Revolutionary

The Kingdom of Edrevial
Current Residence
Dehios, Draygar
Birthcolor: Steel Blue
Currently: Pale Pink
Chin length, natural curls, pale pastel blue
161 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Lųshэ - Semi Fluent
~All Yudryaens grow up knowing a few phrases
English - Fluent
~ Birth tongue
Character Prototype

- Vital member of the Edrevial Anarchist Movement
- Inscriber on Hallangar
- King of Dehios and the Demons

Vices & Flaws

Smartass, stubborn, dislikes those who are arrogant or power-hungry.

Quirks & Habits

Chews on lower lip when anxious, speaks without contractions when upset or excited.

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