Maescia Kalyso

Apprentice Maescia Virwen Kalyso (a.k.a. Mae)

"You may not see the value of something specific, but everything and everyone has a purpose; a meaning to someone else. Never underestimate anything or anyone, and never degrade them."
— Maescia Virwen Kalyso

Physical Description

Facial Features

Diamond face shape, angular jaw, thin almond-shaped eyes, soft and slightly hooked nose, gentle lips

Identifying Characteristics

Thick brows, varying piercings, abundance of jewelry (worn and possessed), often seen with smudges of dirt, oil and metal scraps in numerous places.

Special abilities

Maescia is able to draw magic through handmade metalwork, allowing her to give herself both mental and physical advantages.The higher the quality of her work, the stronger her magic becomes.

Apparel & Accessories

Owning multiple sets of handmade accessories and jewelry, Maescia has definitely kept herself busy. From rings to piercings, each piece is unique and crafted with care.

Mental characteristics


Just like her oldest brother, Maescia went to the The Vaitian Trade School of Metalworking, focusing and honing her skills. She discovered her ability to draw magic through her creations during her ninth year at the age of thirty-seven. Becoming intrigued with jewelry and piercings, she was able to create earrings to allow her to translate other languages, glasses to see beyond the veil, and other unique pieces with beneficial purposes.
She spent more time with her studies than the average aisleck, staying for nearly fifty years until she exhausted their abilities to teach her.


After leaving the tradeschool, she looked for work in Threiine Market and stumbled upon Boundless. The shopkeep, Dresden, almost immediately took her under their wing as their apprentice, trusting her to take care of their shop while they were away. She learned more than she ever thought was possible and her magic grew stronger under Dresden's guidance, until soon, she was creating more powerful charms. She created pieces that shifted into armor and weaponry; armbands that shifted into pauldrons and necklaces that became breastplates and a wide variety of other items.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Maescia has a difficult time multitasking, as her mind is rather cluttered and her thoughts are always racing. However, this also allows her to hyper focus on her personal interests. She has a natural inclination towards crafting items of jewelry, armor, and other metal works. Under Dresden's guidance, she continues to improve in her skill.


Family Ties

Coming from a large family, Mae currently enjoys her newfound quiet in Dresden's shop. With her two mothers and father in a polyamorous relationship, she is the fifth child out of seven. All of her parents also have many siblings, and family gatherings are always chaotic.

Social Aptitude

With a bubbly personality, Maescia has always had a inexplicable charm to her. Able to make friends with most anyone, she has always been confident in her beliefs and values and doesn't hesitate to express them. She always does her best to understand the thoughts behind the actions of others and put herself in others shoes, so to speak.
"My mother always said that I was the happiest out of all of my siblings. She claimed it was due to the fact that I had been born during one of the most important festivals in Yudryae. There is a lot of pressure for me to be happy all the time, and I am, mostly. But I have fluid emotions, just as anyone else."
— Maescia Virwen Kalyso


Maescia Kalyso

Apprentice (Vital)

Towards Dresden Luro



Dresden Luro

Mentor (Vital)

Towards Maescia Kalyso



Nicknames & Petnames

Mae (Maescia)
Eli or Ellie(Dresden)

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an overwhelming desire to help others.

Lawful Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Apprentice to Dresden Luro
Year of Birth
54579 (-46959 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Fifth child out of eight, born during the Flare of Naiz festival.
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Demiromantic Asexual
Gender Identity
Cisgender, She/Her/Hers
Thin almond shaped, warm russet brown, thick lashes
Chest length, charcoal black, thick
148 lbs
Appears in...
Character Prototype
Natalia Castellar Calvan (Faceclaim)

Character Portrait image: Natalia Castellar Calvani


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