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Natively known as: Lųshэ /ˈɣaly/

(a.k.a The Lost Language of Yudryae)
Known by only a few, it is the most ancient language of Yudryae. There is only one said to be fluent in it, The Genesis, however some others have grown up learning quite a few phrases from their parents. It is most commonly used by the Aisri , as they are the third oldest race to exist. Although the Wikkir are the second oldest, the language has been erased from wikkiren history. It is unkown whether the oldest race known to Yudryae, the Primordial Beings, are fluent or not.
Many phrases and words have an earthly language attached to them; using google translate, input a word or phrase and choose the language specified. Clicking the volume button will give you the correct pronunciation. Keep in mind that these words are in no way actual words of those languages.

Common Phrases

--Jɤnacha // Seriously
:: Arabic :: Usually an exclamation of frustration.
--Žɞ sɞshurj // How rude
:: Czech :: Self explanatory.


--Chɞthɤsh žeju, luthɤxuthɤ sɤfu // Good night, beautiful one.
:: Czech :: Used only between two people with a strong connection.


--Ma jupoxou fá uchujüchi // I'll curve your skull.
:: Slovak :: A phrase meant to be a threat or insult; as in, denting one's head. Often used in moments of frustration.
-- Üruxethue // Broken Minded.
:: Slovak :: Used to refer to one who is not as smart as most; It is more often used in a joking manner.

Ancient Names

-- Dyɞlɤd // Child of the Moon
-- Dyɞrɤ // Child of the Sun
-- Fɤrɞserurj // Strong Warrior
-- ʘɤchüɞthɤ // Born of the Flames
-- Jɤxɞthɤ // Born of the Ocean
-- Žɤshuth // Born of the Earth
-- Zɤlhefɞthɤ // Born of the Air
-- Xɞshuchus // Lord of the Galaxy  


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