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Welcome to the world of Yrroh. This center of the Material Plane is the home of many sentient races, creatures, and other forces. The world of Yrroh knows vast oceans, sprawling continents, sweltering deserts and frigid peaks, ancient canyons and tropical islands, all of it stretching under twin moons and a single sun.   Although the gods have left the world long ago, their presence is still very much a tangible part of its existence. The world still carries the very visible scars of the ancient Dawn War, and the hearts of many individuals in the world have been touched by some deity or another. Even though the gods may have left this world, other beings and forces far beyond mortal limitations still dwell its surface.   The continents of Denabra and Bal-Karat occupy the largest amounts of landmass in the world, but the Donylian islands in between them perhaps feature the most diverse array of cultures and creatures. In the center of it all, one can find the Gulf of Entropy; the oldest scar that Yrroh still bears from the Dawn War. An ever-present reminder that the gods, in all their power and influence, can never return to the world.



Dungeons & Dragons 5e

An unlikely crossing of paths...

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