Table of Contents

The Ages

The Age of Creation
The Age of Dawn
The Age of Divinity
The Age of Lost Shadows
The Age of Wonders
The Age of Domination
The Age of Reformation
The Age of Exploration
The Age of Collapse
The Age of New Dawns
The Age of Modernity  

The Arcanotech


The Artifacts


The Continents

The Western Hemisphere

The Continent of Aegiyari
The Continent of Odish
The Continent of Prozes
The Continent of Shae'daqen
The Islands of D'Nalsi  

The Eastern Hemisphere

The Continent of Drezomira
The Continent of Wreimos
The Continent of Zeuwera
The Islands of Creiz  

The Cultures


The Flora and Fauna


The Organizations


The Pantheons

General Reference

Intro to Gods and Worship

Individual Pantheons

The Gods of Aegiyari
The Gods of Prozes
The Gods of D'Nalsi