Order of the Twin Suns

The Order of the Twin Suns is a religious organization dedicated to worshipping the Prozeon sun god Solus and her two children, Avenis and Teld. Unlike most religious denominations, the Order does not recognize other deities or creation myths, believing such concepts belittles the worship of their god.  


The Order of the Twin Suns was founded in the year 7E 181 in the city of Malor. The Order was organized by then-governor Theodore Ulfrics to act as a religious extension of his authority. He believed that, should he have the backing of a sizeable religious organization, he could further secure his power over the city. As the religious order grew in size, so too did its influence, and eventually the Order eclipsed the governor, re-organizing the city's government around the church's high priest instead of the governor.  


The Order of the Twin Suns predominantly worships Solus, the Prozeon God of the Sun, with special status granted to the two suns of Yrnath, Avenis and Teld.  

Creation Myth

By excising all other deities from their faith, the Order needed a new creation myth. According to their religious texts, Solus herself is responsible for birthing life on Yrnath. She commanded her two sons, Avenis and Teld, to watch over the fledgling world. Initially, her two sons hated each other, and tried their best to remain on opposite sides of the world. This bathed the lands of Yrnath in eternal sunlight, preventing any from achieving any form of rest.   To stop her children from fighting, Solus bound the pair together by a cosmic chain. This led to the two sons struggling against each other, desperately trying to run in the opposite direction. The elder son, Avenis, turned out to be the stronger of the pair, and has been dragging Teld behind him as he runs around the world, desperately trying to break the binds connecting him to his younger brother.