Writer's Dimension

The Writer's Dimension is the final afterlife for anyone who dies in the Yonderverse. It has no end, has no start, and one is never finished in the dimension. When someone passes, a person's essence will be transported into this dimension where they are given their old body back in spirit form, and they are free to design their own universe.  


Designing rooms

A large part of the Writer's Dimension is dedicated to the designing rooms everyone is given. These rooms are fairly large, and are equipped with every single item one could need to create their own universe, including a hi-tech desk with a touchscreen, where one can be designing this universe. They can decorate this room however they please, making it as comfortable as they like. People even have the ability to change the day and night cycle however they wish to best fit how they work.

Central Plaza

The Central Plaza is a massive district within the Writer's Dimension. It is accessible by the glitter trains that have a train station pretty much everywhere in the dimension, and you'll land directly in the centre of the plaza where there is always a train either leaving or arriving. The plaza is home to all the major attractions, like the Guild's Workshop, the Coffee Club, the Relaxation Pit, among others.

Guild's Workshop

The Guild's Workshop is the central workshop where people can gather. By taking one glitter train from their room to the Central Plaza, they can visit the Guild's Workshop where they can purchase a drink or two, some food they want, and meet up with friends to discuss how their worlds are. It is always full of lively conversations, but it is also not. If you would like, you can press the filter button as you walk in, so every single person in the Workshop will disappear and it appears as if you are alone there, for some peace and quiet.

Relaxation Pit

The Relaxation Pit is the most adorable of attractions within the Central Plaza. Within the building is a massive pit, full of the most adorable creatures in existance. You can climb in, and you can cuddle with every baby animal you've ever wanted. Most people go with the basic cat, dog and panda, but others like to play with baby helsauruses or baby clawed vipers.

Coffee Club

If you ever want to gush over coffee with friends who love the beverage as much as you do, go to the coffee club! The coffee club was set up by a bunch of people who loved coffee, they spoke to some of the managers of the Writer's Dimension and after some nagging, they were able to design and set up their own building in the Central Plaza, all dedicated to coffee. As soon as you walk into the building you'll smell the warm smell of freshly brewed coffee, an absolutely unmistakeable aroma.

Writer's Alley

Because of the people who set up the coffee club, it started a chain reaction of other random people wanting to set up their own special clan of sorts. As a result of this, a new street was created, and labelled Writer's Alley. This alleyway led through the dimension, and is filled with buildings, all created by different people who want to start clubs, advertise their world, gain attention, as long as they get permission from the managers.

Glitter Trains

The Glitter Trains are one of the only modes of transport around this vast dimension. They can be accessed from the train stations dotted all over the place. These vehicles spew glitter smoke from their chimneys, running on magic to get about. While in the train you can access files from your own universe if you'd like to work on it while you're there, and you can buy some free food from the various stalls aboard.

Ghost Bus

The Ghost Bus is a famous vehicle that can take you anywhere you can think of in the Writer's Dimension. Except, Lukuis Marika is sure to forget where that is and will take you some place different! Once you get on the bus, there is absolutely no telling where you'll be going. Lukuis just takes you some place, you say thank you, and hop off the bus! It's great for when you want a breath of fresh air and new scenery.

Famous Peoples


The managers are not just 1 person. In fact, it is a collection of people with a high status that differ from any of the writers in the Writer's Dimension. These managers do not exist, but they also do. They have a mental presence but not a physical one. If you needed a manager, you would simply find a manager's call button, usually located outside every single building and designing room, and would query them with whatever you like. These managers control everything that goes on in the dimension, and controls who is let in, and who gets out. Spoiler alert, no one gets out.
Dimensional plane
Inhabiting Species


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6 Dec, 2021 16:41

Love the article, such a comfortable space. Are people also able to see/travel to other creators worlds or is it simply its own thing? if they cdan travel, how would they look/what species would they be there? :D

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6 Dec, 2021 16:45

Thank you so much! People's own universes cannot be visited by people, and eventually when the people in someone's universes die they get taken to create their own universe in the Writer's Dimension. It's basically just the circle of life, but instead a straight line. Sorry if that doesn't make much sense, I can't think of an easy way to phrase it :/

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6 Dec, 2021 17:26

makes perfect sense. So who created the first ever dimension when those who create dimensions come from a different dimension? ^^

From strange languages to unnecessarily elaborate playing card designs, Cathrea is the place to find it.
6 Dec, 2021 18:39

I'm not sure yet! I've never really given it thought, but that's certainly something to think about xD

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Master Alixzere
John Johnson
16 Dec, 2021 15:38

That's the most interesting afterlife I've seen. I'd really like to be there, just chilling.

16 Dec, 2021 16:34

I'm so glad you find it interesting! Exactly what I wanted XD

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