Ueran System

Ueran is a Solar System in District 3, containing five planets: Exio, Yaler, Caulev, Chilrarvis, and Dophine. Ueran's most well known planet is Exio; the planet has no core, instead made completely of water.   Ueran is centralised around Ofiica, a Mega Sequence Star. These stars are extremely rare, and about two hundred times the size of a massive main sequence star.



The most unusual planet in the Ueran Solar System, Exio is the first planet orbiting Ofiica. Unlike the other planets in the solar system, Exio lacks a core. Instead, the entire planet is a ball of water. Some consider this planet to qualify as a labyrinth sea, but most people classify Exio as a planet due to its size and orbit.

The planet is inhabited by many fauna and flora species; the flora on the planet are situated on "rings", completely made of a tree-like substance. Most of the fauna on the planet are incredibly dangerous, such as the sirenfish - an animal that can produce a sound that travels across the entire planet. When these animals converse, it can sometimes be heard on Chilrarvis, the neighbouring planet.


One of the three rocky planets in the Ueran Solar System, Yaler has considerably less dangerous fauna than the others. Certainly not flora though, as Yaler's plant life can devour animals larger than twenty feet tall. One particular plant species digs out a hole in the ground as a trap, growing its own leaves on top to disguise it, and then seeps its digestive enzymes inside the hole when prey falls in, absorbing minerals through the earth itself into its body.


Caulev is the smallest planet in this solar system, and the outermost planet. Caulev's average temperature reaches as low as -1500 degrees, the lowest recorded temperature being -1683 degrees. The plant and animal life is so sparse, however they are highly adapted to the conditions.


The second planet orbiting Ofiica, Chilrarvis is infested with "small" bugs. These bugs are approximately ten feet tall, but compared to the sapient life on the planet, these bugs are largely insignificant. The toxic terrain makes this planet difficult to live on, so the sapient life has evolved flight. Coupled with their advanced technologies, the chilians have constructed floating cities above the clouds, to avoid the continent-wide earthquakes and burning acidic rain.

There is an incredible lack of plant life on Chilrarvis, partly thanks to the acid rain. The flora that does live there inhabit the many cave systems, that constantly collapse and reform, thanks to the everlasting earthquakes.


A giant gas planet, Dophine is forty times larger than Exio, the second largest planet in the solar system. Dophine is home to about thirty sapient species, including the Dophians, 45 metre tall giants with pyrokinesis.

Dophine is made of four different layers, each with its own composition. The inner layer is mostly made of oxygen, with a small percentage of carbon dioxide and methane. The two middle layers are mostly made of methane, with a considerable percentage of xenon and neon, as well as a hint of oxygen. The outer layer is made almost entirely of water vapour, condensed down to form an oceanic shell.

Dwarf Planets


A small celestial object closest to Ofiica, Aerilia is a desert dwarf planet. Containing a unique family of creatures known as marelites, Aerilia has some of the most unique fauna in the solar system. Aerilia's climate is consistently boiling, with temperatures as high as 600 degrees. Aerilia is a surprisingly populated dwarf planet, with the largest city's population exceeding 4 million Aerilian inhabitants.


Turtiole is a small dwarf planet orbiting Ofiica just after Exio. The dwarf planet is coated in plant life, and about 90% of the land is rainforest - the other 10% are plains biomes. The oceans also contain an abundance of plant life, with many kelp and seagrass species layered on the ground, and many corals forming swirling reefs.

The only sapient life on Turtiole exists in the form of Turts. Turts are a small reptile species that live on the coastlines, living in large interconnected burrows accessible both on land and underwater.


Vivarin orbits Ofiica after Caulev, and is the smallest of the three dwarf planets in the solar system. Vivarin has no native sapient life, and has instead been invaded by the Archangels. The Archangels are one of the only creatures outside of District 3 to have a surviving population within the District, and since their arrival have gone undetected by any dangerous creatures. Using Vivarin as a base of operations, the Archangels sneak on to other planets and steal resources, bringing them back to UAR to grow their city.
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