The UAR, or the Ultra Archangel Residence, is the location of the race of extra terrestrial archangels. It is a high-tech city floating in space orbiting Oribis, the nearest Red Giant to the Sun.


A large sphere covers this city, a bubble like texture, almost unbreakable. This stops anybody from entering the city that has not been permitted to enter by the Royal High Archangel. Many defense mechanisms are in place incase someone manages to get through.

Industry & Trade

Archangels use their super strength to steal items and materials from other citizens in the universe. They will travel through dimensions to save time and invade other settlements to gather resources they can build with. Farmer archangels have large fields in several dimensions that can feed the entire city.


Archangels have constructed a high tech city, with skyscrapers of all shapes and sizes floating around creating a confusing array of pathways that bend upwards, down, diagonal, through dimensions. Archangels have harnessed the power of dimensions, and have built cities that reflect into other dimensions, doubling the city in size over and over, creating more space for themselves.


Archangels are fascinated by rare materials and items found across the galaxy. When they find out about a rare item, they do almost anything to get their hands on it. All these items are stored under the Royal High Archangel's throne, in a secret vault.
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