Twelve is the twelfth largest, or second smallest, moon orbiting Echos. This moon has the largest population, with Stargazer City located atop Crystal Mountain.

Geography & Climate

Twelve's entire surface is coated in an assortment of grey and white striped plants. The moon's surface is quite flat, with mountainous regions located in the North and South Poles, and occasional mountain along the Equator, such as the Crystal Mountain.

Small rivers carve through the moonrock across the moon, but are more concentrated around the Equator. A small swampland can be found a few miles south of the Crystal Mountain, surrounded by monochrome forests and grasslands. Across the moon are giant crystals that poison the surroundings, killing most life introduced to the moon.

Fauna & Flora

There is little native life on Twelve, due to the toxicity created by the natural crystals in the ground. The plant life that lives on Twelve absorb the toxic chemicals for energy, and as a result the flora has no need for chlorophyll. Instead of green, most of the plant life on Twelve are a blend of greys and whites, with the occasional other colour such as purple or pink, similar to the crystals.

One of the most known animal species on the planet are twinkling hooters. These animals behave similarly to most other murmurating bird species, however their shimmering colouration makes them stand out in the dark nights and light days.

Stargazer City

Stargazer City is one of the most famous cities in the Yonderverse, mostly for its size. It has a current population of 6,203,406,320, and the entire city and its people somehow manages to fit on the Crystal Mountain.

The city is a refuge for migrants escaping turmoil on planets across the Yonderverse, forcing them into labour once they have arrived. The city pays their people very little, but since it's a last resort for most they put up with it. If you're rich, you can afford a building down Opal Avenue. The entire Yonderverse knows about Opal Avenue, as only the most exclusive, most prominent figures can call this place home.

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