Tritegawa System

The Tritegawa System is a solar system located in the Pereleos Galaxy of District 1. The solar system contains two planets and a singular labyrinth sea that has formed a ring around the entire star. Both planets, Elefae and Carai, orbit the red giant Maua.



- 0 Moons
- 0.95 AU from Maua

Elefae is most famous for its complete lack of any animals other than sapient life. With a population of 30 billion, Elefae is one of the most populated planets in the Pereleos Galaxy and has 29.5 billion more people than Carai.

Because there is no other animal life on the planet aside from intelligent people, some of the population are vegetarians and others are cannibalistic. There is much debate on the ethics of both, as some believe that vegetarians are causing population increase by not consuming their kin, while some believe cannibals are simply morally wrong for wanting to consume others of their kind.


- 9 Moons
- 2.8 AU from Maua

Those Elefaeans who did not want to be vegetarian nor cannibals decided to leave the planet and live on Carai. This planet is lush, with an abundance of unique life forms. Approximately 50% of the oceans are covered in tropical coral reefs, and some Carai have adapted to become semi-aquatic and living on the millions of small islands.

Carai is considered a refuge from the horrific living conditions of Elefae. The megacities on Elefae are filled with apartments barely big enough for one to stretch their arms in, and with the population continuing to rise, it can only get worse. The conditions on Carai are much better, with every house designed unique to the individual.

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