Three is the third largest moon orbiting Echos, a planet in the Sao Solar System. It is the farthest moon orbiting Echos, and so is the coldest. Its climates are incredibly cold, reaching -59℃ daily.


An incredibly cold moon, it is coated in snow, with mountains, valleys, some valleys that reach straight through the moon and reveals on the other side. The holes that slice through the moon have caused the gravity to become messy and awkward, one can be pulled in one direction and then straight into another - these holes are essentially death traps for anything without protection. There are many lakes on the moon, most of which are covered in ice. They contain a few creatures in them, which consume plankton and plants.

Generi Zone

The Northern Hemisphere of Three is known as the Generi Zone. The Generi Zone is the zone where 90% of all the mountains on the moon are found. The tallest of these mountains is known as Three Peak; not only is it the tallest mountain on the moon, but it also possesses three peaks. The mountain divided into 3 right at the tip, creating the triple peaked mountain.

Osano Zone

The Southern Hemisphere of Three is known as the Osano Zone. While the Generi Zone possesses most of the mountains, the Osano Zone possesses most of the valleys. These valleys are deep, sometimes stretching directly through the moon creating large gaping holes, that suck things in and tears them apart with opposing gravity. The Osano Zone is considered much more dangerous than the Generi Zone, as the valleys create a death trap maze that is not easily avoided.

Fauna & Flora



Nimnians are medium sized plant predators found along the mountains of Three. Their thin bodies and their padded feet allow them to cling onto the sides of the mountains, being able to climb on an almost verticle surface. Nimnians are herbivores, feeding on the short grasses that grow on mountainsides and on plateaus.


Regals are a small fish species found in the ice-covered lakes of the moon. These fish are called regals because their colouration and fins resemble very royal clothing. These fish live in small shoals and eat plankton. They are often kept as pets in aquariums across the Yonderverse, favoured for their appearance.

Devil's Pudina

Devil's pudina is a common plant species that grows in the lower parts of mountains on Three. They are called devil's pudina because it smells exactly like mint, except it is poisonous. The plant's roots grow incredibly deep and the leaves remain close to the ground, which allows them to remain in their position through strong winds and tough climates.
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