The Tale of Two Tails

The Tail of Two Tails is a tale about a centaur who couldn't help but lie, and his lies got so bad he grew two tails. This fairytale was told by parents to keep their children from lying, as the secondary tale would make the parents find out about their deceit and they would be punished. Told by parent frost centaurs, this tale originated millions of years ago in Centaurian Southland.


A long time ago, a centaur child named Appro was eating dinner with his father. While his father went to clean up, he through some of his vegetables straight through the window, out into the garden. When his father returned, he gasped and said "Wow, you ate them all?!" And Appro simply smiled and said "Yes!"   Appro continued to lie to his parents about eating his vegetables, and one day, he lied again. "Ate all your vegetables again?" His mother asked. "Of course!" and when Appro stood up, his parents noticed a second tail on him, this one red. His parents looked at each other to confirm, and they asked in unison "Tell the truth Appro,"   Appro insisted he was telling the truth, until his parents informed him of the red tail. He blushed, and screamed "I'm sorry!" as he galloped upstairs. His parents confronted him about his lying, and convinced him to eat his vegetables.

Historical Basis

Sadly this tale is made up, so no matter how often you lie you'll never grow another, red tail. This tale was told over a million years ago, in ancient Centaurian Southland.


This tale is told by parents in Nevaan, in the efforts to get children to not lie, as the parents will always find out. It works, as children are naive and believe anything.


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