Tea Pottery

Tea pottery is a popular leisure activity and profession on Cilvarth. Tea is a critical part of Cilvarthian culture, for every single race on the planet, and tea pottery has become a competitive yet engaging activity.

Types Of Tea Pottery


Porcelain is one of the more sophisticated and complex ceramics to be made, thanks to the high temperatures required and the numerous materials needed to manufacture it. However, it is popular thanks to the ceramics being impermeable and tough.
Porcelain is always decorated with intricate patterns, partially thanks to the of it


Stoneware is a superior version to earthenware, as it is less porous. It is fired at higher temperatures, and therefore produces a more stone-like quality, hence the name.
Stoneware ceramics are mostly seen in Ancient Jisefea, as the ceramics were used to form large teapots to contain several litres of tea at any time.


Magiware teapots and ceramics are now the most popular form of pottery, alongside porcelain. Magiware ceramics are made with magical fire, a type of fire that regenerates the environment rather than harming it. Magiware teapots and ceramics are the most durable of the ceramics, as the fire seals any pores and creates an incredibly impermeable and sturdy material.


Earthenware pottery was the first form of pottery to be invented by the Cilvarthians. These potteries were not always glazed, and were used more as ornaments than serving actual purpose. Earthenware, also known as terracotta, is commonly a reddish-orange colour, thanks to the presence of iron oxide within it. The oldest evidence of earthenware dates back to Ancient Aurea, almost 19,000 years ago.


Tea pottery dates back tens of thousands of years at most, and archaeologists constantly discover new remnants of past cultures, mostly in the forms of these ancient teapots. Ancient teapots are so common, approximately 15% of the population of Lancos has discovered an ancient teapot. These specific teapot share similarities, such as flowers painted around the lid and finger ridges embedded into the handles, for comfort.

Thanks to the tea-centric cultures of Cilvarth, archaeology is a popular profession and many seek to discover the ancient teapots of the planet. There are around 100 teapot museums on the two continents on Cilvarth; the largest museum is the National Aurean Teapot Gallery, in Central Aricos.

Cultural Significance

Teapots have been the most significant part of Cilvarthian culture since they first evolved. Tea plants are by far the most abundant plant species on the planet, include all of their subspecies, which inevitably resulted in Cilvarthians developing some form of love for it. When tea was invented, there was no storage for it and people wanted to keep hold of their tea, so the teapot was invented. Over thousands of years, the teapot changed in styles, adapted to new ways of life. Tea and teapots then became a central part of Cilvarthian culture, including the process of styling the teapots.

Modern Tea-Pottery

Modern tea-pottery is much more simple, since the perfect Cilvarthian Teapot has been developed. Instead, modern Cilvarthians generally enjoy styling teapots, rather than making them from scratch. Teapot painting studies are a common sight in towns and cities on the planet; while the teapots are manufactured behind the scenes, customers get the opportunity to paint and customise said teapots to their liking. It is common to have several teapots in one's home, at least 5 or 6. Some people choose to actually use their teapots for their designed purpose, while others like to have teapots as decor.


As everybody's personal taste differs, decorations on teapots also differ.
  • Common decorations include symbols of one's life, such as their birth name or their loved one's name, which they usually etch on top of the lid.
  • Some people prefer for a less meaningful and more fun teapot, decorated with flowers and hearts, or other symbolic images.
  • Others enjoy more sophisticated and realistic images painted on, such as scenery.

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