Straggler's Bay

Straggler's bay is a famous location on Kazaharo Cliffs because many ships and boats that get shipwrecked on their island crash in this bay. This is because when boats get near to the island, currents underwater just on the surface drag the boats into the bay. It is known as a refuge for those who do get stuck on the island, and so a small town has formed, made from the shipwrecks where people who get stuck can go to be safe.


Straggler's bay sits just north of Sharp's Headland, sandwiched between that and an Marrow Point. The bay itself is comprised of the crystal rock that coats the entire east side of Kazaharo Cliffs, in the Rainbow Cliffs. The water in the bay reaches 78 metres deep, or 255 feet. Towards the bottom is a rocky landscape, still comprised of the crystal rocks that are found along the east of the island. The overall landscape of the land is relatively flat, with some cliffs towards the back, the town is situated on the north of the bay, where it is flattest, and easiest to get from the water in the bay to the mainland itself.

Fauna & Flora

Often a few small dragon species end up being stuck in the bay, such as reefsnappers, waveriders, and the occasional anglertooth. These dragon species are dangerous, and can potentially pose a threat to the people in the town. A lot of seabirds are attracted to this bay, because of the abundant fish species in the bay. The townspeople eat a lot of crustaceans that too call this bay home, like crabbles and mountries.
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Master Alixzere
John Johnson
3 Dec, 2021 16:23

Wait, is the town made from the ships, or is their just a lot of ships and the hoses are normal ? Also, it would be nice to have tooltips on the dragons, they sound cool

3 Dec, 2021 16:42

The town is made from ships that they have salvaged, and constructed into their homes. I can certainly add tooltips, yes!

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